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As the newest student of White Reef High, Leslie’s in for many big surprises. First, there’s Ms. Hawke, who takes a very hands-on approach to physical education. Then there’s half the student body, who are more bubbly, pretty and confident than Leslie could ever hope to be. And then there’s the other half. These girls are something else. Tall, athletic, sexually charged, and all packing serious heat between their legs. Life was hard enough in her old school, but Leslie’s about to find out she isn’t just the new kid. She’s fresh meat.

FUTANARI SEX ED is over 10,000 words of sex-filled fun between well-hung futanaris and eager females, and has a HFN ending.


      Zara held her hands to her hips, jutting one out to the side. “You can look, you know.” She swept her hand in a downwards motion, as if presenting herself for an audience. “It likes the attention.” Her smile was infectious, and Leslie found her lips twitch into a shy grin herself. And since she had permission, she let herself take a peek.
      She definitely liked what she saw. God, what a cock! And to her surprise, it had freckles, just like the rest of Zara. Those little dots made her enticing penis cute and sexy at the same time.
      Ms. Hawke instructed the class to stand on their mats. “Let’s start with the absolute basics. First, all the futas need to get hard.”
      The teacher began her ‘demonstration.’ running her closed fist up and down the length of her cock until it filled with blood and stood out straight from her body. The tip was a bright red, and a long blue vein snaked down the length of her shaft. The lights from overhead caught against a speck of pre-cum on the dick’s tip, making it glimmer. Leslie was enraptured, her heart racing as she watched her PE teacher rub her enormous dick in front of everyone. She hoped nobody noticed her going red again. It went without saying that things here were very different from her old school!

     “All right, everyone; clothes off!”
      Leslie felt dizzy as she watched every last person in the class, including Ms. Hawke herself, undress and throw their clothes in a pile in the corner of their mats. In a few blinks, Leslie was standing in front of a class of naked young women – and she was the only one with her clothes still on. Some of the taller girls, the ones who were now very obviously futanari, held hands with their partners, and some of were even kissing. Others simply stood around with their arms crossed, looking like they would rather be paired with anyone but their assigned partner.
      “Look, I know you’re new here, but you’re really going to have to start following my instructions the first time I give them, Hall.” Ms. Hawke was looking at her seriously. “It wouldn’t be fair if I gave you special treatment; I expect all of my students to listen to what I say and follow me without question. So take your clothes off and be ready to help me demonstrate for the class.”
      “Demonstrate?!” Leslie couldn’t believe what she heard. “You’re going to…we’re going to…”
      Ms. Hawke pulled off the elastic in her hair and shook her hair out, the mousy blonde locks whipping from side to side. When her hair was free, she blew a few strands from face and replied: “Of course. I’m not going to let my students to fuck each other before showing them how to first.”

Word Count: 10,100

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