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[futanari, dickgirl, lesbian, threesome, teenager, schoolgirl, double penetration, oral sex]

Everything was going great for Leslie at White Reef High, the all-girls school where half the student body have an extra something dangling between their legs. That is, until one morning when her favourite PE teacher gives the class an exciting paired assignment, a new futanari student named Amber shows up to derail Leslie’s budding relationship with the dynamite futanari Zara. How can Leslie choose between two strong-willed, well-hung futanari? Is there a way she can please them both at the same time?

FUTANARI SEX ED 2 is over 14,000 words of sex-filled mayhem between futanari and female schoolgirls.


      Leslie pulled the cock out of her mouth with a loud, wet pop and turned to Zara. Time for her to give Amber her gift! “Zara, why don’t you show Amber how thankful you are for the great work she’s been doing?” She leaned in and whispered, “If you do it really nicely, I’m sure she’ll try her best when it’s your turn.”
      Her redheaded futa friend didn’t look pleased at all. She had her arms crossed, and her face turned away. But her eyes were locked on the dick, and Leslie could tell that her friend was fighting back the urge to taste it. “Come on,” she whispered sensually. “You know you want to.” She looked up at Amber, who gazed down at her classmates with anticipation. “She’s waiting,” Leslie added. “She really wants her dick to get wet again. Don’t make me do it all by myself.”
      Zara sighed, “Whatever,” and took the dripping dick in her hand. She stroked it a few times, watching the tip glide smoothly in and out of the foreskin.
      “It’s nice, isn’t it?” Leslie asked.
      Zara shrugged. “Sure.”
      “Why don’t you taste it?” Leslie thought this was so much fun, she felt like a little devil on her friend’s shoulder, encouraging her into something wicked.
      Her friend stroked it a few more times, watching the precum drip in strands from the tip, before rolling her eyes and giving in. With a smooth movement, she slipped the dick in her own mouth, and Amber moaned again. It was the first time Leslie had seen Zara suck on a dick, and the sight of it immediately sent a shiver of pleasure through her body. She wanted to slip her hand down her panties and touch herself, but she had more important things to take care of. She was going to keep working hard to ensure these two got along.
      Soon, Zara closed her eyes, and Leslie’s heart soared when she heard her friend moan softly around the cock. Zara expertly teased that futa-dick by swirling her tongue around the head, up and down the shaft, and caressing Amber’s balls with her hand. Judging from the trickles of wetness running down the futa’s legs, she was very much enjoying the attention. Not satisfied with just watching, Leslie edged closer, leaned down and sucked on one of Amber’s balls, letting the taut, round form slip into her mouth. She gently massaged the little sperm factory with her tongue, loving the taste and feel of the salty, rippled skin.
      “Oh, God...” Amber moaned. “This is good.”

Word Count: 14,823

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