My Tutor's Having My Special Place


[older man, younger woman, little princess, little brat, alpha male, age difference, creampie, first time, breeding, forced pregnancy]

"I had no idea I could ever feel like this ..."

As a younger woman, Alexandra can't wait for her first time. But Tyler, an older man, wants to do it hard and without protection…

What are you waiting for?


      It's just after six o'clock, and Tyler, his friend Blake, and his 18-year old friend's daughter Alexandra all sit around Blake's table.
      Tyler and Alexandra are visiting for the weekend. Blake's a great guy—Tyler's known him since college — and as Tyler scoops some mashed potatoes into his mouth he knows Alexandra's going to enjoy herself too.
      Alexandra takes a sip of her soda, watching her buddy and his friend talk. She stays mostly out of the conversation, opting to watch and listen rather than participate. Sometimes Alexandra finds herself wanting to be quiet instead of wanting to talk, and this is one of those times.
      Alexandra's a virgin. But that's not to say that she's completely ignorant about sex. She's been on the internet, and she's watched plenty of porn. What's on her mind is wondering whether or not the porn she sees is anything like that in real life.
      And she has a plan to find out.
      Tyler has never had a child of his own, but it's always been a fantasy of his to get somebody pregnant. Someone close to him…someone hot, and with good genes. Incredible sex that ends with him pumping his cum deep into their womb, filling them up so they have no chance but to conceive his child.
      "You know what?" Blake says, pushing back from the table. "I just remembered that I have a conference call I have to be a part of tonight."
      "Is that happening now?" Tyler asks as he and Alexandra similarly get up from the table.
      "It's in a few minutes, yeah," Blake says.
      "Well, we can just go unpack," Alexandra tells him. "It's no problem."
      Blake smiles.
      "You two are the best," he says, and so he leaves to head to his office while Tyler and Alexandra go upstairs to their rooms.
      Alexandra follows her buddy into his room, and when Tyler turns around to see her there he's a little shocked.
      "Alexandra?" he says. "Your stuff isn't in here."
      But Alexandra doesn't respond. She takes a step towards her buddy, her eyes up and locked onto his.
      "It's nice being with you during the day," Tyler says to his friend's daughter. "It sounds lame, but sometimes I get kind of lonely."
      "Oh, well," Alexandra says. "To be honest, coming home to see you is the best part of my day." She looks up into her buddy's eyes, and he's looking down into hers. "In fact, I…I can't wait to see you," she says.

Word Count: 4,617

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