Ashley's Special Gift


[group sex, threesome, FFM threesome, older couple younger woman, couple seduction, ménage a trois, oral sex, lesbian sex]

Trish and Brad have decided to do something special for their sweet little boarder, Ashley. As a Christmas present, they have given her a ticket to go see her parents in Florida for her winter vacation. Ashley is thrilled, and vows she is going to come up with something very special to give them for Christmas, as well.

All Trish wants for Christmas is for her and Brad to invite another woman into their bed the way they used to. For years they would share attractive young girls, but after a close call with a student, they've decided they can't risk it.

But Trish misses the fun, and they end up in argument about it. In the end, Trish is resigned to the fact it will never happen again.

Trish, however, is in for a big surprise. After overhearing their argument, Ashley has decided she knows what her special gift to her favorite couple is going to be; she is going to give herself to them to enjoy.

After all, 'tis the season of giving!


      We both jumped at a knock on the door.
      I removed his cock from my mouth as the knock came again this time accompanied by Ashley’s voice, “Hey guys, umm, can I talk to you?”
      I looked at Brad who shrugged. Standing up long enough to pull his pants back up, he sat back down on the bed and called out, “Hold on a sec Ashley.”
      I stood up and licking my lips, whispered, “Shit, it’s like getting caught in your bedroom when we stayed at your folks.”
      I called out, “Come on in.” and sat down next to him at the foot of the bed. The door opened and Ashley came in. My eyes widened and I looked over at Brad, who looked as if he was having a hard time keeping his mouth closed. Ashley was wearing a red robe shorter than mine; so short I wondered if she turned around if I’d be able to see the cheeks of her ass.
      Her long blond hair was down and looked as if she had teased it out and in addition to that as she approached I noticed she was wearing make-up. My eyes lingered on her soft full lips that were painted in the exact shade of deep red as her robe.
      The color was too old for her and gave her a trashy appearance, which immediately had me thinking of all the places that lipstick would look smeared across. Unable to avoid it, I dropped my gaze to her long legs and saw she was barefoot and her toe nails were in the same deep red as her lips. A quick glance at her hands showed her fingernails were also that color.
      When she was standing directly in front of us I again looked into her face and staring at her mascara coated eyelashes, wondered if she were going to tell us she was going out and just hadn’t put a dress on yet. I did note that the robe was tied properly; showing only a little of her neckline.
      “So, uh what’s on your mind Ashley?” Brad asked.
      I looked over and saw he was struggling to find a place for his eyes and I didn’t blame him. Of course now that she knew I found women attractive it occurred to me I would have to be careful of where my eyes rested as well.
      “I’m leaving for Florida Monday morning so I wanted to give you guys your present tonight.”
      “It couldn’t wait until tomorrow morning?” I asked.
      “Nope.” She shook her head. “I want to give it to you tonight,” she gave us a nervous smile, “I…I really hope you like it.”
      “I’m sure we will.” Brad said and making a show of looking more closely at her asked, “Where is it?”
      “Well,” she giggled and as she had last night began rocking nervously from one foot to the other. “You’re pretty much looking at it.”
      I looked over at Brad to see he was looking back at me. I shrugged, “Okay, well you got us, what is it?”
      “You guys have to close your eyes.”
      I glanced at Brad again and then putting my head down, closed my eyes.
      “No peeking.” Ashley said, and then laughed, “Brad, your eyes aren’t closed all the way.”
      I elbowed him and he sighed, “Okay.”
      I sat there with my eyes closed and after a moment, Ashley said, “Okay guys, you can open your eyes."
      I put my head up opened my eyes and exclaimed, “Oh my God!”
      I heard Brad say the same exact thing next to me, but didn’t turn to look; my eyes were glued to the sight before us. Ashley had dropped her robe and was now standing before us in a red lace bra, the cups of which were transparent enough to see her pink nipples.
      My eyes trailed down her soft smooth stomach to take in the matching red thong that barely covered her pussy. The stings of the thong were tied at the sides exposing the entire length of her leg right up to her hip.
      Ashley’s ensemble was completed by a red ribbon tied around her neck and as we both stared, she raised her arms over her head, “Merry Christmas!”
      “I…Ashley, what are you doing?” Brad managed to ask.
      “I’m giving you guys what you’ve been wanting!” she exclaimed, giving us a huge smile, “Want to see the rest?”
      Without waiting for an answer, Ashley turned around to show us her backside. The thong was nothing more than a string in the back and I swallowed hard at the sight of her firm round ass cheeks. She turned back around and seeing the two of us sitting there speechless, frowned.
      “You…you guys don’t like me?”
      I was too stunned to speak and was desperately trying to tell myself that no matter what, we couldn’t do this. Next to me, Brad somehow found it within himself to speak again.
      “Ashley, why…why would you think we wanted...um, that we would want to…” he paused then shook his head, “Fool around with you? We’re a married couple, and you’re…”
      “Well, after Trish told me about your secret and that you guys miss being able to…”
      “You told her?” Brad yelled from next to me.

Word Count: 21,690

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