A Diary


[virgin, first time, older man, predator, seduction, barely legal, age-gap, teen sex]

Share Charlotte Caldo’s candid revelations in this sexy, full disclosure. Charlotte discovers her old diaries and exposes her past in an emotional journey of bad behaviour and wild antics. Follow her as she revisits numerous hot encounters, told in her own scorching, confessional words. Previously published under a different title, this book was withdrawn and has been updated to conform to new publishing rules.

Please do not purchase A Diary if you’ve already bought Little Lance’s Diary by Anonymous or Babysitter’s Diary by Anonymous.

Warning: Explicit content unsuitable for readers under the age of 18.


      “Do you mind if we stop for a minute?” he said on the way to my home. “Sandra thinks I’ve given up smoking, but I’m dying for a cigarette.”
      “Er, no…okay,” I replied, surprised at the small pang of disappointment I felt with the realisation that he smoked. I didn’t like smoking then and I still don’t. I needn’t have worried though, because he lit the cigarette, took one puff and threw it away.
      “Perhaps I have given up, after all,” he said, not attempting to start the car. He’d parked in a quiet lay-by about equal distance between our homes. Being damp, my jeans felt uncomfortable and my hair was still soaking wet. I could feel the changed atmosphere, and knew too that he was trying to decide what to say. Incredibly, I let the silence stretch, probably because I was nervous, but also, intuitively feeling it best not to say anything.
      “You’ve got a really nice figure. You looked lovely when you got out of the pool. Do you have a boyfriend?”
      I stammered my thanks, as my face flushed with colour and warmth.
      “No, I haven’t got a boyfriend at the moment.”
      “Ah, so you used to have one?”
      “Not really, no. Some of my friends are serious with boys, but I’ve been a bit of a swot.” I smiled at him.
      Suddenly he leaned over and kissed me on the mouth.
      “I shouldn’t have done that…” he said, instantly apologetic. He started the car and eased out of the lay-by. “Please don’t say anything to anyone, it was silly of me, but you’re so pretty I couldn’t resist.”
      “It’s okay,” I gulped, struggling with the pleasure welling up inside me. “I won’t tell anybody…it doesn’t matter.”
      He dropped me off and drove away with a brief wave.
      They went on holiday and when they returned, he started back at work so it was quite a while between his shocking but thrilling kiss and our next meeting.

Word Count: 11,356

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