[erotica, hardcore, teen, virgin, older man, outdoor sex]

Corey had fallen head-over-heels in love with Megan the very first night they'd met. But he was a lot older than she was, so he'd kept his hands to himself. How could he have guessed that she only wanted one thing for her eighteenth birthday...and that one thing was HIM?


      "I got myself a birthday present," she said with a shy smile. "Would you like to see it?"
      "Sure." He touched the glittering unicorn pendant he'd given her with one finger, then stepped back a pace.
      "Turn around."
      "All right." Smiling, he obeyed her hesitant command. "Tell me when!"
      She watched as he made a big show of staring up at the sky. Wonderful Corey, he always made her smile! The nerves that had tormented her all afternoon faded away.
      Still, her fingers shook a little as she took a deep breath...and then began unbuttoning her soft white blouse.
      Corey turned back around...
      "Jesus Christ!" His shocked exclamation echoed up and down the beach.
      She'd opened her blouse, and let it fall down her back. He'd always known that she had an incredibly sexy body...but he hadn't realized just how sexy until he saw her standing there wearing a lacy half-cup French bra!
      The throbbing steel rod in his pants jolted erect so hard and fast that his knees nearly buckled.
      His hands lifted, and he had to force them away from her tantalizing soft flesh. "Megan, what...?" Air clogged in his lungs, making his head reel. Desperately he grabbed the edges of her blouse and tried to pull them together again.
      "Please, Corey!" She curled her fingers over his, stopping them, and then moved in a little closer so that his big hands were pressed against her soft breasts.
      "Megan, you can't... God!" He shuddered as the cool night air filled his head with her sweet, seductive scent. "What if somebody sees you?"
      "You're the only one I care about." Her bottom lip quivered. She'd been so sure that he wouldn't reject her!
      Trembling, she stretched up on her toes, and lightly pressed her mouth against his. One hand circled his neck for balance, then stayed to stroke his warm skin.
      He shuddered again, and let go of her blouse. He could almost hear the sharp crack! as his control snapped. One big hand slid around her back, drawing her fully against his broad chest. The other splayed wide to cover her silky breasts in a possessive caress...

Word Count: 4,958

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