Apocalyptic Warrior


[post-apocalyptic, science fiction, warrior, virgin, warlord, outdoor sex, barely-legal, older man, teen]

In the turbulent days following the Final Rebellion, only the strongest could survive. Kayla was a fierce warrior, and she was determined to hold her precious hard-won Gap against all invaders. But Alexander, the rugged overlord who ruled not only the broad forest but the vast city beyond it, was determined to conquer her. And he quickly learned that even Kayla's deadly skill with weapons was no match for her exquisite sensual beauty...


      It would do no real harm to reveal her precious secrets, she decided, since he'd never live out the night to tell his tribe. "A glass panel on the hilltop collects the sun's light, and its power shines through my globe here," she bragged, glaring at his wide back. "Even at night, I can control its magic."
      That caught his attention! Long golden hair floated around his broad shoulders as Alexander spun to face her. "Show me!"
      Kayla stiffened at his imperious tone, but the sharp prick of his sword still burned between her sensitive breasts. Best not to antagonize him for now, she decided...and crossed the small room.
      A sharp turn of the knob, and bright white light flooded the cave. Her eyes widened in stunned shock as she drank in every arresting detail of his appearance.
      He was even taller and more muscular than she had imagined. And handsome beyond words, in a way that she had only dreamed of! His features were strong and even; his slate-blue eyes seemed to glow with inner fire as he raised his head to stare down at her. And Gods above, he was clean!
      "I have heard of such devices," he murmured, staring thoughtfully at her. "But I never expected to find such a thing here, in the wilderness."
      Somehow his insinuation, which should have been mocking, emerged as a veiled compliment. So did the sweeping glance that raked her from head to foot, then returned to her barely-covered breasts as if he was fascinated by their soft fullness.
      Kayla felt an unfamiliar tremor inside her chest, and instinctively crossed both arms. "The Gap is mine," she insisted, focusing on the one fact that she understood. "I've fought hard for it, and no upstart barbarian overlord will take it from me without a battle!"
      Again a fleeting grin curved Alexander's lips. "Overlord. I like the sound of that. Will I be your overlord, pretty Kayla?"
      The look he focused on her was frankly erotic, and Kayla jumped as if he'd burned her...

Word Count: 6,153

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