After School Special


[teacher student, teacher student sex, teacher student fantasy, older woman younger man, cougar cub, mature, blow job, oral sex]

Todd has two obsessions, writing and his teacher Miss Ross. Todd decides to combine his hobbies by writing erotic stories featuring his favorite cougar of a teacher. When Todd is writing his latest Miss Ross fantasy and working on a story for school, he accidentally sends off the wrong story to his teacher.

When Miss Ross confronts him about it, Todd is humiliated...that is, until Miss Ross admits she's had fantasies of her own about her favorite student.


      “First off, sit back and relax, Todd. You’re on the edge of your seat like you’re ready to run.”
      I slid backwards and as she had done turned so I was angled into the corner of the loveseat facing her. Miss Ross gave me a sly smile and lifted the papers as if getting ready to read them. She shifted in her seat and uncrossing her legs, winced. “Damn.”
      “You okay?” I asked.
      “I went running this morning and my legs are killing me.” She looked over at me and asked, “Do you mind if I stretch them out?”
      I shrugged, “It’s your house.”
      “Thank you!”
      She lifted her legs and stretched them out in front of me. Her feet were only about a foot in front of my face and I could feel my face getting hot again as I stared at her red toe nails. Christ, even her feet were sexy.
      As if she had read my mind she playfully wiggled her toes and in order to keep myself from gawking, I turned my head and my heart begin to beat faster. When her legs went up, Miss Ross’s dress had slid up as well and I had a clear view of the cheeks of her ass.
      I also caught another glimpse of red material and from what little I saw knew it had to be a thong. I knew I should turn my head, but was frozen by the sight of the curve of her ass. In addition to my heart beating faster by the minute I felt my cock beginning to swell and again had the eerie feeling I was in the middle of one of my own fantasies. Miss Ross mercifully lowered her legs, but instead of crossing them again, left them stretched out along the couch so her feet were in front of my knees.
      “You hot, Todd?” Miss Ross asked. “Uh…a little.” No lie there, I was beginning to sweat.
      “I am too,” she smirked, “Or so I’ve heard anyway.”
      I forced a smile back at her and sat there with my hands in my lap, hoping to cover the bulge of my rapidly growing cock.
      “First off,” Miss Ross began. “I’ll start with other than a few misplaced commas’ your grammar has really improved.”
      “Thank you.” I nodded, feeling better she was starting to sound like a teacher again.
      “Most of those mistakes were during the…” She winked, “Climax of the story so I cut you some slack. Now as for the story itself, the subject matter shocked me, but once I got over it I have to say, very well done!”
      “Thanks again.” This time my smile was real.
      “Tell you what Todd, I read this thing three times.”
      “You did?”
      “Oh, yeah I did. It got better every time! Hell last time around I had to put it down because I needed my hands to…”
      She trailed off and stared at me with an expectant look on her face. I put my hands up and shrugged, “I…I don’t know what you’re talking about?”
      “Really? Wow, guess you’re writing from imagination, not experience.” She smirked ,“That’s okay that stuff can be taught, but okay let me read you one of my favorite parts okay?”
      “Sure.” I laughed, “I’m curious to know what you thought was so good.”
      Miss Ross made a show of clearing her throat and I smiled as she began reading, “I watched transfixed as Miss Ross’s full red lips enveloped the swollen head of my engorged cock.”
      The smile left my face and my stomach felt as if someone had kicked it.
      “Inch by teasing inch she worked her soft lips and warm wet mouth down the length of my shaft.”
      “I…. oh my god.” I whispered. I’d sent the wrong fucking story!

Word Count: 17,720

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