MILF Masseuse


[MILF, M/F sex, hardcore sex, older woman, younger man, younger woman, exhibition/voyeur]

Tom Beecham didn't mind that his girlfriend Sandy was from the wrong side of town. But on his birthday, Sandy gave him a gift certificate of a free massage from her mother Valerie, a professional masseuse. What he didn't know is that the two women had a plan. And that plan was to share everything. Including him!


      “Spread your legs a little for me, honey,” Valerie said.
      “Hmmm?” His sleepy mumble was confused, but he obeyed her. She dropped her head, her face closer and closer to the cleft of his buttocks. She smiled, seeing what she had hoped for. She breathed on his skin. Then, before he could react, she opened wide and took one of his balls into her mouth.
      “Christ!” Tom yelped, and flinched violently. Now laying almost prone on the massage table, Valerie curled her arms over his ass, holding him in place. She shifted from one lovely orb to the other, almost able to feel the life-bearing load of semen present inside. She ran her tongue lovingly around the one she held in her mouth, hearing the hoarse rasp of his breath, then let it escape with a faint pop. Before he could move, she had run her tongue up the crack of his ass, paying special attention to the puckered rosebud of his asshole.
      That was apparently too much for Tom. With a muffled curse, he scrambled away.
      “Valer...Mrs. Summers, what the hell are you doing?”
      “What does it look like, Tom?” she replied, completely unperturbed. Sandra had warned him this would be the crucial moment. “I'm trying to seduce you. You're young, good-looking, smart, funny...and you're certainly capable,” she finished, looking at his cock with a certain lecherous glee.
      “I am also,” he snapped, covering his crotch with hands, “dating your daughter. Who I am in love with. I am not going to lose what I have with her just because you're looking for some young meat.”
      “Oh, don't be so melodramatic,” she replied, peeling off her shirt. She tossed it aside, smirking as Tom's best efforts couldn't keep his eyes off her breasts. She cupped one of her mounds in one hand, weighing it thoughtfully. “Do you think I'd do something like this without her knowing? How many times has she told you, Tom? We share everything. And now we want to share you.
      “Tell me,” Valerie said to his slack-jawed incredulity. “She told you about her plan to get out of town last night, right?” When he nodded, she continued. “Well, whose plan did you think it was? It was mine. I've lived here for thirty-seven years. I know how badly this place treats women who don't conform. I had my chance to get out. I blew it. I don't intend for the same thing to happen to Sandra.”
      “Why don't you leave?”
      She laughed bitterly. “As if it's that easy. I've got no education besides what I got over at HHS and one skill. Every month I make just enough money to cover the rent on the salon and this dump. Where's the money to cover moving costs? Rent on a new apartment?
      “No, Tom,” she said, voice softening. “It's too late for me. But not too late for her.”
      “So what's this supposed to be? A bribe to make sure I stay with Sandy? Two women for the price of one?”
      “Don't be silly,” a new voice said. They both turned to see Sandy standing in the doorway. She was naked, and a smile played over her lips as she stepped into the room. “I just want my mother to be happy. Like I am with you, Tommy.” She leaned down to brush his lips, then stood behind her mother, her hands gently caressing her back. “And to be honest, I think it's really hot. Seeing the two of you together... Damn.”
      “You told me you wouldn't be here.”
      Her eyes were clear and guileless. “I lied."

Word Count: 12,000

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