When The Cat's Away, The MILFs Will Play


[Milf, cougar, lesbian, threesome, FFM, older women younger man, groupsex, oral sex, double blowjob, milf erotica, cougar cub]

Nikki and Sammi are two hot cougars who, after years of being friends with benefits and sharing countless sexual adventures, have decided to settle down and become a couple.

After several months things are going well, but the two of them have been craving something no woman can give. Nikki and Sammi agree that it would be okay to be with a man under two conditions.

The first is they play together, the second is they have to agree on the guy. Nikki always enjoyed much younger men and to her delight Sammi has already decided who the lucky young stud is going to be; their gorgeous, but shy neighbor Ricky.

His parents are away for the weekend and as the saying goes; when the cat's away, the Milfs will play!


            I was looking up through my lashes and could see Ricky looking from Sammi, to me and then back to her. I could feel my breasts falling forward and knew he was getting a damn good look at the black lingerie I had beneath the dress. He looked as nervous as he had outside, but unlike last time he had nowhere to run, it was just a matter of when we made the move and I was leaving that to Sammi.
      Sammi let her shoes fall to the floor and extending her long legs straight out wiggled her toes. “I just painted them, you like red Ricky?”
      “I do.”
      “Better than black?” I touched my dress so he would get my meaning.
      “Black's nice, too.” He nodded.
      “Which do you like better?”
      “I…” he looked back and forth at us, then with a shrug said, “I like them both, actually.”
      “Then both is what you’ll get!” Sammi told him.
      “Honey,” Sammi ignored his question and pointed at the bottle of wine I had next to me on the couch. “Let’s have a drink. Can you get us glasses?”
      “I’m not old enough to…” he stopped when I began laughing then sighed, “I know I sound lame.”
      “Nah, just sweet.” Sammi said, “Too sweet to be moping around a house playing with your joystick.”
      “People haven’t used joysticks since Atari.” Ricky said, “back in the 80’s.”
      “It was a joke.” Sammi sighed, “I meant playing with your cock.”
      “My…” Ricky turned red again. “You know what, let me get some glasses.”
      He turned around and headed in to the kitchen through the swinging door. When he was out of sight I looked at Sammi, “You figure a couple of glasses, then…hey!”
      Sammi had hopped off the couch picking up one of her shoes grabbed my wrist and yanked me off the couch.
      “Fuck the wine, I’m not thirsty.”
      “Where are going?” I gasped as I caught my balance and stumbled along behind her.
      “Upstairs, I don’t want to mess up the couch,” she giggled “Not enough room for three of us anyway.
      We reached the staircase and Sammi paused to place her shoe on the steps as a trail. I stared at her red lace clad ass peeking out from under her short skirt and wished I had time to eat her from behind on the steps.
      “How big do you think his bed is, he’s just a single kid?”
      Sammi opened the first door on the right and pulled me past it. I looked in to see a desk and several bookcases. She opened a door to the left which led to the bathroom.
      “I think his room is on the end from where his window looks…”
      “I don’t care where his room is.” She said, and opening a door midway down the hall pulled me into the room. “We’re taking him right here.”
      “In his parent’s bed?” I asked as I followed her into the large well furnished room. “Sammi!”
      “Don’t Sammi me!” she laughed as she sat down on the huge king size bed. “God knows someone should get laid in it! Look at the size of this thing!”
      She stood up and grabbing the comforter ripped it off the bed and tossed it into the corner.
      “Hey,” Ricky called from downstairs, “Where did you guys go?”
      “Get your dress off and get your ass on the bed!” Sammi hissed at me.
      “Yes ma’am!” I laughed.
      As I reached back and pulled the string and let the dress start to slide down, I watched Sammi. She had already untied hers and putting her arms over head gave a sexy little shimmy causing it to fall to the floor.
      Even though I’d known what was underneath my breath still caught at the sight of her. She was wearing a red lace top that tied between her tits and flared out leaving her stomach visible. The top was tied loosely enough so that her small tits were almost completely visible.
      The bottom of the ensemble was a red thong with a patch of lace over her pussy and very little else. My dress stopped at my tits and as I grabbed it to shove it down she snapped, “Hurry up!”
      “Hey I can’t help it if I have real tits and they hold the damn thing up.”
      “Bitch!” She laughed as she sat on the edge of the bed.
      I pushed the dress to the floor and as I went to sit on the bed caught my reflection in the mirror. My thong was a black version of hers, but my top was a black transparent lace camisole that left my tits fully visible through the flimsy material.
      The top barely reached the bottom of my breasts and leaving my midriff bare as well. As soon as I sat on the bed, Sammi slid back far enough to pull one of her legs up and pointed for me to do the same.
      I matched her position and at the sound of footsteps coming down the hallway, Sammi slipped her arms around my neck and kissed me. Even as her tongue plunged into my mouth I saw Ricky come in the room.
      “What the hell are you guys doing….”
      He stopped and turning her head Sammi kissed my cheek and placing her hand on my stomach smiled, “Hey baby, ready for some fun?”
      “Oh my God,” Ricky whispered.

Word Count: 20,730

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