Help! My Patient Is A Futanari!


[futanari, dickgirl, teen, teenager, lesbian, sex, hand job, doctor, patient, hardcore sex]

The last thing Dr. Saanvi Prabhu wanted was a difficult patient first thing in the morning. But that’s exactly what she got when Olivia arrived with a big, hard and very personal problem. The good doctor must forgo traditional medicine, and deliver some hands-on sensual healing. There’s only one problem: when your patient is a desperate teenage futanari, one visit simply isn’t enough!

HELP! MY PATIENT IS A FUTANARI! is over 10,000 words of sexy fun between a female doctor and her futanari patient, with a HEA ending.


      “W-what are you doing?” Olivia asked, but couldn’t hide the eager smile on her face.
      “What you asked me to. I’m taking care of your problem.” Saanvi guided Olivia into the bedroom, and then playfully shoved her onto the bed. The teenager’s face was bright red, and she giggled like a child playing a fantastic new game.
      “Thank goodness! It’s embarrassing, but I really can’t wait to feel your hands on it again.”
      “Silly girl, you’re going to feel more than just my hands this time.”
      “Huh-oooOH!” Olivia’s cried out loudly as the doctor enveloped the head of her cock with her lips. How many months was it since Saanvi had a penis in her mouth? Either way, she was breaking her drought with a long drink. Olivia’s pre-cum was sticky and salty, clinging to her lips and tongue as she sucked the girl’s head clean of it. Olivia’s body shook with pleasure. Her moans were more intense than what Saanvi had heard in the clinic, and from the way that cock throbbed and grew even harder in her mouth, she knew another orgasm wasn’t far away.
      “Can you hold back, Liv? If you orgasm now, we won’t be able to have our real fun later.”
      Olivia shook her head. “Too good…it’s too good, doctor.”
      “Well, doctor’s orders; you must hold off on cumming until I say so. Understood?”
      Olivia’s eyes were shut tight. Slowly, she nodded.
      “Good, now…” with a wicked smile Saanvi leaned in and sucked on the thick cock head, humming around it as Olivia screamed with the intensity of the pleasure. Her patient bucked her hips and squeezed her breasts. As Saanvi moved up and down, making slow, torturous love to the teen’s penis with her mouth, she slipped a hand down her belly and touched her own eager wetness. This was good. None of her previous experiences lived up to this.
      The doctor ran her fingers up and down her pussy as she gradually moved deeper down onto the cock. She struggled to even take half of it in her mouth without gagging. When she pulled her mouth off, thick strands of spit and pre-cum that clung to her lips. She sucked in a breath, never ceasing her eager flicks and rubs on her lips and clitoris.

Word Count: 10,800

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