Space Piracy


[science fiction erotica, group sex, alien sex, anal sex, pirates, hardcore sex]

Space pirates are bad news, right? But what if they are smoking hot and you find out that any physical contact sets your body on fire…and theirs too? Sal and Donna think the blue males who boarded their ship are the hottest things they've ever seen. Until these guys showed up, their cargo ship was as much fun as a woman's prison. And there is some kind of weird sexual chemistry thing going on between the species, too. Every time one of the soldiers grabs a female crew member, he gets rock hard and she finds herself wanting it hard and furious. So that part is damn hot…not to mention frequent.

But since pirates are bad news and all, they probably ought to stop them. Somehow.


      Across from her, Donna, who was the ship's medic and science officer, snorted. She stared far more openly than Sal at the buff navigator.
      "Don't waste the drool. Jason might be hot, and yes he sure has a dreamy cock, but he's the Captain's toy and you won't be getting any as long as that's going on."
      "Really?" Sal was new on board, and trying to understand the turf. Each ship was different and although the merchant fleet had standards for conduct, each crew tended to set other rules for behavior. Naturally many of the rules had to do with sexual relationships. Without the space for privacy having sex without everyone on board knowing, or even watching, was difficult. Her last ship had been pretty wild, but then it had a large crew and a high turnover, so any relationships tended to be casual and extremely short term. If you didn't hit it off with one group, there were others.
      This, however, was a cargo ship with a minimal crew of ten, which meant that any relationships affected a large portion of the crew. Anyone whose libido got out of first gear didn't have a lot of options in terms of partners who might satisfy her. And while Sal thought the Captain was a reasonably attractive woman, she had something of a horse face. "A guy like Jason could do a lot better," she mumbled. She was thinking of herself, but several of the women were a lot hotter than the Captain…and Donna would be near the top of that list, which explained why she was in a foul mood. "Why would he go for her?"
      Donna sipped her tea. She was a trim redhead with a nice figure. "I guess he doesn't have that much choice. He's the navigator. No career officer is going to ignore a summons from the Captain…even if she's a dog who wants the guy to fuck her to sleep every night."
      Over at the lockers, the slender girl putting on a show for Jason finally gave up. She straightened, took a towel from her locker and headed for the showers.
      “Is she a good captain?”
      Donna smiled. “Except for the way her commandeering half the available man meat pisses me off, she is a good Captain."
      "How about when the stud isn't with her? Does he show any interest in other women? He was being given quite a show earlier, and he barely noticed."
      Donna laughed. "It seems she's a right randy cunt. He spends most of his free time in there banging her. I'm guessing he barely looked because he has to go perform in a few minutes. He spends a lot of time in her cabin and I'm sure they aren't just going over course changes. Sometimes on watch he looks like he hasn't slept in ages."
      Sal shook her head. "That doesn't leave much in the way of options for a girl."
      "No it doesn't," Donna said. "If you don't mind waiting in line, Frank is happy to screw anything vaguely female. But don't expect anything interesting. With so many horny women, literally climbing all over him, he contents himself with a straight up fuck and doesn't give a shit if you get off or not. Since you are new, he'd probably bump you up his waiting list. If that doesn't sound like fun, the other choices are the self-help method, using toys, or you find a girl who is willing to swap pussy eating."

Word Count: 9,329

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