Alien Hitchhikers


[gangbang, alien sex, hardcore sex, anal sex, science fiction erotica, humorous erotica, gang bang, groupsex]

Is there such a thing as too much sex?

My name's Isadora and I'm an interplanetary smuggler. When Bernie and I got talked into ditching a package in a passing sun, we took the job for the money. Of course en route Bernie had to see what was in the package and that's how the hitchhikers got loose. I'm not quite sure what they are, but they slip inside and take you on a wild ride. A pretty wild one. They control the sexual chemistry of the host and they like it to be in high gear—randy and ready—constantly. Having them in control turns ordinary sex into something truly mind blowing. No matter who or what you screw (they don’t let you pick and choose and anything is fair game) it’s mind-blowingly better than the best sex you’ve ever had before.

The problem is that it isn't them having the sex, and the greedy bastards aren't willing to let a creature take a break.


      Anyway, I'd locked in the course and was heading to get a drink when I heard Bernie moaning crazily. That wasn't his style so I stuck my head in the lounge to see what was up. I saw him lying on his back on the couch, stark naked, his cock rock hard and him jerking it for all he was worth. With most males that would be fairly normal, but Bernie's race get aroused precisely every 42 days and then they stayed excited for 42 hours. Clockwork stuff. It's crazy shit, but there you have it. When you see one of the males with a stiffy, you know they all have them. Somehow his entire race is synchronized. On his home planet, when the horn dog clock strikes one, the entire place shuts down for a two day orgy. When it's over it all goes back to a sexless normality for another 42 days. It wasn't like I took that at face value either. Bernie and I made a lot of long trips together and his sexual chemistry made for a wild time when he got excited, but I'd found, to my dismay, that it also meant there was no fucking way I was going to get laid in between times unless we were somewhere with other kinds of creatures. He couldn't respond any other time. And just the week before Bernie had grabbed me when I was coming out of the shower and more or less banged me silly for about 30 of those 42 hours. That meant this little show I was gawking at was totally off the scale for weird.
      Adding to the mystery was the blue glow that was spreading down his face. Then I remembered the stories of alien hitchhikers. The open box was on the floor. Caleb was trying to get rid of one and Bernie had opened the box. Now a hitchhiker had him.
      Like most people I'd heard of them, but I'd never encountered them. What I'd heard was chilling, and while Bernie is my friend and I wanted to help him, I turned my ass around and made a dash for the door. I wasn't sure that would do any good, but at the time any distance I could put between me and that creature seemed like a good thing.
      Hitchhikers feed on sex. They don't have any gender themselves, but there is something about the sexual chemistry and body fluids of creatures that have sex that they can't resist. I don't know the details but the story goes that they permeate the host creature. And Bernie was certainly permeated. I didn't intend to be permeated, at least not without some foreplay.
      But I didn't make it as far as the door. The box held more than one predator and true to that nature one of them anticipated my dash for freedom. It must've circled behind me. As I ran I felt it touch my ankle and although I didn't know what was happening I knew I didn't like the feel of it. I looked down at my leg and saw blue goo covering it and spreading, as if gelatin was congealing on my leg. It wasn't sexy at all and I tried to shake it off, but it was stuck hard…glued in place. And then, like some aggressive bungee cord, it wrapped around my leg and dissolved into me.

Word Count: 6,037

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