Trade Mission


[alien sex, hardcore sex, gangbang, anal sex, alien contact, space travel, science fiction, erotica, mfm]

Interplanetary travel requires that you adapt. We'd been sent to negotiate a trade deal. Our Commerce Union needs their Feelinite; the female leaders of this planet want our help. There's a war going on and they need a woman to negotiate with a rogue faction to achieve peace on the planet. That means I need to get along with their all-male army. Seeing how these guys are hung, it's an assignment I can throw myself into with some enthusiasm.


      I had no idea what the hierarchy among these guys was after the Captain, but the first one to grab me wasn't challenged by the other. Iss was spent and he and the other man stood watching, waiting, as the first soldier wrapped a large hand around my arm and forced me down on my knees. Quickly he threw a leg over me, straddling my ass and splitting my pussy lips open with a thick and throbbing chunk of hot flesh. It was substantial and I opened my mouth and let a moan escape as he penetrated me with a single thrust. I'd gotten wet watching the early action, and happy for it as this critter began pounding into me, grinding my knees and the palms of my hands into the gritty dirt.
      He was big and strong but he didn't have the stamina Captain Iss had demonstrated. I was just getting into the rhythm of things when he came, holding his cock deep while he spent in me. As soon as he moved, the other man took his place, this one dropping to his knees behind me and thrusting his cock into my now extremely slippery cunt. He grabbed my short hair and pulled my head back and fucked me even harder than the first man.
      When he came, I was rolled onto my back and saw the impossible sight of Captain Iss hard again. This seemed less like a gangbang than one long fuck with a creature that can come multiple times, like the Saurians, except with thicker cocks. That's the only problem with Saurian males. They can fuck a lot, but they don't stroke a girl's insides enough to reach the tingly spots that make it real fun.
      The good Captain did hit those spots though. He rolled me on my back, lifted my legs in the air and plopped his hard body against them, pushing them back to my breasts and ramming his cock into me, I held them for him. I was close to exploding. I wanted it bad. Watching him do Lucille and seeing the little feels the girls were giving Jenna had me pretty damn worked up too. Captain Iss drove his cock into my snatch and stuck his hot tongue in my ear as he squeezed my ass cheeks. That did it. I came. The gyrations of my body as my orgasm rippled through me did their magic on him, making him erupt deep inside. The molten flow of his come was delicious.
      He raised upright and I let my breathing slow down again. My heart worked to regain its normal pace.
      "We better get going now," Captain Iss said. It took a second but I realized that the comment was directed at his men. They’d gangbanged me and now he was ready to get to work.

Word Count: 11,400

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