Demon Seed


[anal, demons, double penetration, threesome, oral sex, toys, F/F sex, hardcore sex, same sex, bisexual]

Chrissy falls in love with a coworker and lets him take her cherry. They hit it off and when she agrees to participate in a threesome with his old girlfriend, she thinks it will show her love. When he dumps her for the old girlfriend with no warning and no explanation, she wants revenge and her man back.

Turning to studying magic to win him back, her lessons involve screwing a magic-shop owner named Brian. She inadvertently summons a demon named Hector…an incredibly well hung and virile demon. He isn't pretty to look at above the waist but he offers to solve her problem. But there are consequences to solving love’s problems with magic.


      It was all a bit heady for me. Like I said, I'd never been in love before, and was still a virgin. When I finally told him, Josh seemed even more interested in me and was really nice. Of course I knew why he was being nice and it was no surprise when we finally wound up in his apartment after dinner one night, with him undressing me while kissing me all over. It all made me dizzy, and I felt a heat between my legs that I hadn't felt since, well, never mind that, let's just say it was pretty wild. He was touching and tasting, and it was all I could do just to keep from melting into a puddle.
      “That's Chrissy. That’s all that's left of her.” I imagined him telling the police that when they came looking for me. “Better grab it before she soaks into the carpet.” Yep, he had me soaring and ready to do anything, and it seemed that the only thing he wanted to do was fuck me…pop my cherry.
      I wanted it too. All my girlfriends had gotten laid long ago. I'd just never met the guy I thought deserved to be the first, break the seal. Josh seemed so different from any guy I'd ever dated and a lot like some I'd lusted after from afar... rock stars and like that. He was cool and sexy, and now he was fingering my pussy while he sucked on one of my hard nipples. I have big tits, and long nipples that I was learning loved being sucked, pulled. And he knew what buttons to push in my cunt too. I've had guys get me off that way before (I'm a virgin, not a prude and always been happy to blow a guy if he got me off) but this was so goddam hot I thought my head would explode.
      It didn't of course, but I did get an orgasm out of it that was off the Richter scale, and I was still vibrating from it when he spread my legs way apart and moved his hard body, and harder cock, between them. I was so wet I was dripping and he had no trouble getting that marvelous prick between the lips of my pussy. I was looking at his face and he was looking down at his cock splaying my lips apart, then he gave a hard, coarse grunt and I felt the stab of pain I'd always been told about and I knew I was a virgin no more.
      It was glorious. He buried his hot flesh inside my moist cavern, hooking his arms under my legs and tipping them back as he took possession of my cunt. The bed squeaked as he bounced on top of me, ramming that beautiful thing in me. I had my hands on his ass pulling us together. I wanted every bit of him I could get inside me.
      And when he came I was sure I felt each warm spurt inside me, every twitch of his cock.
      I'd felt love at first sight, and now I was totally in lust as well. Sometimes I'd considered fucking a guy because I knew I'd love fucking itself, but at that moment I was glad I'd waited for Josh. I'd given him my cherry and hoped he'd be coming back for more for a long time.
      I stayed at his place that night, and later he had me suck him off, which was fine. Then, near dawn, he took me doggy style, and I loved the way he seemed to get deeper in me that way. I rubbed my pussy while he did me. I didn't get off before he came, but I lay beside him, frigging myself as he fondled my tits. This, I decided, was true love.
      Too bad about reality.

Word Count: 6,400

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