The Healer


[Hardcore Sex, Science Fiction, Psychic, Teen, Virgin, Older Man, Healer]

Ceara wanted to be a top-ranked healer, and she studied everything Maro could teach her. But the most important lesson--opening her heart and mind to another person's desires--could only be learned in Maro's strong arms.


      "When will I be fully trained?" she asked, leaning across the small dining table. "You've taught me to set bones and heal gashes, and even to stop inner bleeding. I can sense and cure sickness, and ease pain. What more must I learn?"
      He leaned back in his chair to study her. Over the past five months, she had gained power steadily. But her empathy extended only to the physical. And that was the final lesson he'd been waiting for her to learn.
      "You must be able to ease emotional pain," he finally told her. "Only then will you be able to fully cure a patient."
      "I want to." Her forehead creased in a baffled frown. "But how can I learn, when you won't teach me?"
      It had been the most difficult lesson for him, too. "It can't be taught," he sighed, and shook his head. "It can only be experienced."
      "Well, then, how can I experience it?"
      She was nothing if not persistent.
      Maro's lips curved into a rueful smile. "Open your mind and your heart," he urged. "Think of nothing. Just let yourself feel. You're closer than you realize, Ceara."
      Obediently she closed her eyes, and relaxed her body one muscle at a time, as he'd taught her. Almost immediately, the strange ache filled her, and made her gasp aloud.
      "It burns inside me!" she whimpered, clenching her small hands into fists.
      "What do you feel?" His voice sounded far away, and hazy, as quick little pants made her breasts rise and fall.
      "Emptiness. An ache, and a tingling inside. Here." Her fingers unclenched long enough to press between her slender thighs. "Maro..."
      "Heal your own pain, Ceara."
      "B-but I don't know how!"
      A curious tension transmitted from his hand to hers as he eased it back into the tingling vee between her parting legs. "Feel the pain. Become one with it."
      Heat began to radiate from her spread palm, and she gasped in surprise. "Oh! It feels good!"
      "Yes." He gulped raggedly for breath as he watched her fingers move erotically against her soft mound. "Ease the pain, Ceara. Give yourself pleasure instead."
      Her voice rose in a soft cry as she arched her hips, and her head fell back against the chair.

Word Count: 3,834

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