Until The End Of Time


[Hardcore Sex, Supernatural, Teen, Virgin, Horny Ghost, M/F]

Belle had grown up in a haunted manor, and never thought a thing about it...until the magical night when their resident ghost, Jarvi, decided to seduce her, and introduce her to the marvelous joys of sex!

But sex wasn't all Jarvi wanted. He'd waited 300 years for the chance to break the curse he'd cast upon himself as he'd laid dying...and if he'd guessed right, Belle just might be the one to free him!


      Jarvi had been a fixture ever since his untimely murder, back when the Manor had just been built. According to legend, he'd been shot by a jealous lover who'd desired his drop-dead gorgeous wife. And he'd sworn, with his dying breath, to reclaim the true love that had been taken from him.
      Belle figured that if she'd been on the receiving end of that bullet, she would have left for parts unknown rather than watch her spouse take a new mate and raise a family in the grand house she'd built.
      But against all logic, and certainly against all the laws of science, Jarvi had stayed.
      Her mother had once said that he was searching for a new bride who would make his life complete. But that had never made much sense--because how could he take a living woman as his bride? And even if one was willing to marry a ghost...well, he was a ghost!
      It wouldn't be much of a honeymoon, would it?
      The moment she sat down at her mother's pretty vanity, gentle warmth descended on her shoulders. Jarvi hadn't touched her for a long time, and she jumped a little. But there was nothing threatening about his light caress, and gradually she relaxed again. It felt good as his ghostly hands moved up and down her back, stroking and kneading her sleek muscles.
      She watched in bemusement as her mother's silver-backed hairbrush rose into the air and began to glide down her thick black hair. She was used to seeing things hover in midair...but even so, it gave her a jolt to see the hazy shadow standing so close behind her.
      Her pulse began to hammer, and a warm blush rose to color her cheeks.
      The brush settled back on the table, and Jarvi's hands returned to stroke her bare shoulders. Belle sucked in a startled breath as little bursts of hot delight began to shiver just under her skin.
      She had to move, had to put some distance between them! Panting, she lurched from her chair and shot across the room as if she'd been jabbed with a pitchfork. No one had ever made her feel such an incredible explosion of pleasure!

Word Count: 4,051

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