Sexy Spooks


[sex with ghosts, ghostly voyeur, haunted house, strapon, pegging, sexy ghost maid, cemetery]

Here are two fun short novellas of sex with ghosts. Nobody gets hurt and everybody has fun, but the descriptions of the sex are very detailed and the language is explicit, so this book is intended only for adults.


Excerpt from “Melanie and Me in the Haunted House”:
      After devouring all the nectar available, my tongue probed the lower rim of her adorable pink love hole, relishing the drops that trickled out to please my taste buds. From there I started doing one outer pussy lip, starting at its origin below the delightful place that had produced the delicious treat. The skin there was soft and warm and extremely pleasant to my tongue, so I began working my way upward. My actions were extremely pleasant to Alice also; the sound of her cooing was louder and her pussy was fucking more strongly into my face.
      When I reached the place where the outer and inner pussy lips were close together, I probed the seam between them, licking the surfaces of both labia. Very slowly I licked my way upward, reveling in the taste, the aroma and the spongy texture of Alice’s pussy lips, which were becoming scarlet from her sexual arousal. It had already been extremely enjoyable for both of us, and I wanted it to be even more fun, so I covered the surfaces of both lips many times over until I reached the place where the inner lip joined the other inner lip to form her clit hood. Alice’s precious clit was as engorged as her pussy lips, so much so that it was pushing its way out from under its protective cover. With the utmost delicacy, I caressed the top of her hood, using just the tip of my tongue, trying to avoid too much contact with her sweet love button because I wanted our coupling to last as long as possible.
      Alice wanted it to continue also. “Sir,” she pleaded. “That feels so good, what you’re doing to me. Please don’t stop.”

Excerpt from “Graveyard Lovers”:
      I leaned forward and curled both my arms around hers, so my weight rested on my forearms and elbows. Almost reflexively, Samantha reached up to wrap her arms around my back and pull me closer, until I could feel her rigid nipples against my chest. "Yeah, like that," she whispered to me. Her late husband didn't say anything.
      I was glad of that, because I really don't like kibitzers. I don't like them when I'm playing cards and, especially, I don't like them when I'm fucking, and I don't care if it is with the guy's wife. Or former wife. Once again, I drew back as Samantha slid away from me, paused, and started to slowly plow my cock back into her pussy. Once again, she fucked back to meet me and our bodies came wetly together, accompanied by sighs of rapture from both of us.
      The happy sounds became even louder and happier as we continued to move in unison on top of the comforter that covered her husband's grave. Over and over, I plunged my cock into her, with my pubic hair tickling the bare skin of her pussy, and she rammed back, meeting me more than halfway. Samantha's legs started flinging out beside me as they had earlier and her hands ran up and down my back. From previous experience with her, I was aware that Sam was rapidly getting closer to coming for the second time that night.
      The ghost of Del, who had even more experience with the lady than I did, knew it too. "That's it!" he exclaimed. "Keep fucking her like that until she comes. She loves it!”

Word Count: 15,169

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