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[hardcore sex, cheating husband, cheating wife, cuckold, big cock, mmf]

Mandy was furious when she caught her husband red-handed with his best friend's wife. Al was used to Christy's blatant flirting...but he knew the perfect way to turn the tables. He was happy to introduce Mandy to a sexy co-worker who was built like a stallion and extremely talented in bed...if he got to share in the fun!


      Al led me into Bob's bedroom. He had the biggest bed I'd ever seen. I was starting to get a little nervous now, as the drinks started to wear off, but Al eased me onto the bed and started kissing me to relax me.
      I hadn't been kissed by anyone but Norman since high school, so that was a huge thrill for me. And Al was a very good kisser. It didn't take me long to forget where I was, what I was about to do. Chills of excitement chased up and down my spine when he unbuttoned my blouse, and began to fondle my tits.
      My skirt fell away, and my panties quickly followed. Naked, I arched up against his roaming hands and mouth, panting in quick, ragged gasps. I'd never felt this much pleasure from a man before, and couldn't wait for the ecstasy I was sure would follow.
      "We have plenty of time," he whispered in my ear. "All afternoon, if that's what it takes. Just relax and enjoy!"
      I was enjoying, all right, as his mouth traveled from my breasts down over my flat stomach, then traced a line of fire between my thighs. I was so close, so close, that helpless whimpers began to escape me. Frantically I reached for him, then moaned with delight as I felt him slide back up, and slowly enter me.
      Even at his peak, Norman had never been half that big. I was sure this was exactly what I'd needed!

Word Count: 2,208

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