A Cougar In Heat


[cougar, cuckold, anal, multiple partners, oral, cocksucking, bareback, outdoor, hot tub]

Lois finds herself surrounded by hot young studs, including her stepson's friends. They're all looking for a hot woman they can bang without complications. Even if she could resist the allure of a virile young guy, why should she? Her husband isn't doing it for her and after all, she's a cougar in heat and on the prowl.


      On the off chance that Jeff had some romantic ideas for the conference, I went along. What a bust. We got there in time for dinner, and right after, his boss came up to us and told him that he needed him to leave immediately to make a sales presentation in Terre Haute. He said I was welcome to stay in the hotel until Jeff got back.
      “Sounds boring,” I told him, trying to be nice. The idea of sitting in that room, ordering from room service and watching movies alone held no charms for me.
      The boss likes Jeff, because he is probably his best salesman and also because he always does what he's told. “I really apologize. I wouldn't do this if it weren't a big contract. And since it's our fault you are inconvenience, you can stay the night and I'll arrange a car to take you home tomorrow.”
      “Not too early,” I warned him.
      “I'll have the concierge make arrangements and you call the desk when you are ready to leave. For tonight, enjoy yourself. Have a few drinks and put them on the room tab.”
      That sounded better. I went to my room and put on a short skirt and silk blouse and went down to the bar. I knew most of the people Jeff worked with on sight, mostly from those stupid Christmas parties at the office, and so on, so I knew I could avoid them. I wanted better company that any of them could provide.
      I sat on a barstool, crossing my legs and turning sideways so they wouldn't be wasted. The nice thing about these upmarket hotel bars, as depressing as they can be, is that there aren't nearly as many women as men. Most of the guys aren't keepers, but the odds were in my favor. The trick is to stay out of reach of the older lechers while letting the young ones see what you have to offer. It's a fun game.
      This bar wasn't crowded and a nice looking guy in his twenties didn't take long in deciding to try his luck. I liked his look. He had a nice smile that looked sincere, short dark hair, brown eyes, and wore custom tailored suit that showed his build. The moment he opened his mouth I like his smooth approach. This one would be fun for a night.
      I let him buy me my second drink, noticing that he nursed his. Thinking ahead. I liked that. He went through the motions of chit chat, touching my arm and, when I didn't object to that, tried my knee, letting his hand stroke my leg through my stocking. That gets sexy fast.
      He invited me to his room as if it was a special place and I accepted.
      He got really handy in the elevator, touching my ass, letting his fingers trace the line of my jaw. He talked about something, but it was all just noise. I was hearing my body crackle and looking into his warm eyes.
      In his room he was all over me, pinning me against the wall and hiking up my dress. I think he was expecting to have to deal with pantyhose, but I wear stockings, so he pulled the crotch of my panties to one side, then he unzipped his pants and pulled out a lovely cock. He lifted my leg, hooking it over his arm and using his free hand to bring his cock right between my legs where he could work it into my pussy. He scooped up my other leg and held me against the wall and started ramming it into me.

Word Count: 9,100

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