Cindy Lou In The City


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This is a short novel, written by a master of erotic literature and, in great detail, describes the life of a beautiful and totally uninhibited swinger. In her ten years of marriage, Cindy Lou Wilson went from 18 year old virgin to a swinger who loves all kinds of sex with men, sometimes two or three at the same time. She has now been divorced by her husband and forced to move from Alabama to New York, where she finds an even wider variety of sex partners.


      This time, there were no mishaps as Cindy Lou rolled the condom onto the young stock boy’s cock and straddled his legs. Crouching over him, she held her pussy lips open and gave further instructions. “Guide your cock into me, Carlos. It’s so big and long and thick, I don’t know if I can get all of it in my pussy. I sure hope so, though. I’ve really got the hots for you.” He smiled and held his cock upright so his beautiful seductress could impale herself on it.
      Her comment about his cock had been only partly flattery. It was long and thick but Cindy Lou’s pussy was easily wet enough that she would be able to accommodate it. Slowly and carefully, she lowered her body until she felt the tip at the entrance to her pussy, sending a shiver of delight through her body. Still holding her lips open with one hand, she moved his cock head with the other until it slipped into the wet place where she had wanted it for the last hour.
      With just the tip of his cock inside her, Cindy Lou sighed happily and smiled at the man who was in the process of losing his virginity. “You’ve got a wonderful cock here, Carlos, so big and hard. It already feels great in my pussy, and you’ve made me sooo wet! You should be sharing it with dozens of girlfriends.”
      Not nearly as shy as he had been, he smiled back, glad to be finally losing his cherry, especially because he was losing it to such a hot, sexy woman. He could see how wet she was, with juices running down her legs and even trickling down his cock, and he took pride in knowing that he was the man who had caused her to be in such an extreme state of arousal.
      “Today, it’s all yours, Cindy Lou,” he told her without stuttering.
      “I’m glad, Carlos. It’s really an honor.”
      Slowly, she lowered herself until an inch of his hard shaft had entered her. It was so thick that already Cindy Lou could feel it stretching open the entrance to her pussy. She was cooing from the intense delight she was already feeling, partly from knowing she was going to be the first for this handsome, young man, but mostly from what his big cock was doing for her already.
      What it was doing, as it wedged into her, forcing her open, was sending bliss swirling throughout her body. As she lowered herself farther, her love channel was stretched equally, intensifying her exquisite pleasure and already driving her toward ecstasy. Slowly stroking her pussy up and down on the big, virginal cock, taking it more deeply into herself with every stroke, she enveloped it completely, until his black pubic hair was tickling her swollen lips.
      “Carlos, you are such a stud! Your cock feels wonderful and it’s going to feel even better for both of us. Put your hands on my thighs here. I’m going to rise up now and, when I lower myself again, punch that nice big cock of yours up into my hot pussy.”
      Slowly, she raised herself until she could feel just the head of his cock inside her. After pausing a second, she started to lower herself equally slowly, loving the feeling of his cock plowing into her, until she suddenly felt a great burst of intense joy. As she had instructed him, her new partner had rammed his thick cock up into her, driving it in even farther than it had been. When she sank all the way back down again, pushing it in deeper yet, it felt like a huge mountain was in her pussy, and it was producing a mountain of delight for her.
      “Did that hurt? You looked surprised.”
      “Oh, no, it didn’t hurt at all. I was just surprised because it felt so good. Your cock is wonderful and it makes me feel really great. Just keep doing it the same way.”
      Once again, Cindy Lou rose high up from Carlos, paused, and started to lower herself. Once again his cock surged upward into her pussy like a reverse avalanche. She moaned from the incredible pleasure, which was added to the mountain that was already filling her body.
      “Are you sure that didn’t hurt? It sounded like you were moaning.”
      “I was moaning because your cock felt so good. When a man and woman are fucking and she moans the way I did, it means he is giving her a really, really good time, and that’s what you’re doing for me. You sure are a good-lookin’ dude and I sure love what your cock is doing for my pussy. Just keep fucking me like that.”
      Cindy Lou was rewarded by a big smile on Carlos’s handsome face and by his cock ramming into her over and over as she continued raising and lowering her eager body. Her moaning continued also, and every time she expressed herself like that, it gave another healthy boost to the young man’s ego and made him want to make what they were doing on the old bed even better for her. The feelings of affectionate bonding with the voluptuous woman that were rising in him were something completely new, as were the feelings of love toward her and the desire to protect her and do whatever good things he could do for her.
      He was getting a tremendous amount of sexual pleasure too, from the way Cindy Lou’s pussy was squeezing and releasing his cock. Every time he had masturbated while looking at a magazine centerfold, he had dreamed of a moment like this, pretending his cock was going in and out of the woman in the picture instead of his hand. To him the sweet, lovely blonde who was astride him that day looked better than any of those photos ever had, and the carnal delights that radiated out from his cock as it plunged in and out of her pussy was infinitely better than he had even imagined any of those women ever making him feel.

Word Count: 59,591

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