Becca Sinh's Top 10 Erotic Stories - Volume 2


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Now, for the first time, you can read 10 more of Becca's favorite hot erotica stories in one convenient volume!


1) Cougar On The Prowl - Josie loved sex. It didn’t matter what position, what time, what place, or how many at once. Every month, she arranged a group orgy with some of the guys at work. Oh, it was sweet to be surrounded by that many strong, musky bodies! But lately even that had started getting boring. She needed something different. Someone different! Someone like...the new long-distance truck driver Bob had just hired! He was just the right age to train in--on the dock and between the sheets! But Alex had plans of his own. And Josie quickly discovered that even she, the insatiable Cougar, had just met her match......

2) Ghost Hunter - Becca is the best ghost hunter in the world. And she thinks she's seen everything--until an intriguing rumor sends her to exotic far-off Romania to exorcize a haunted passenger train. But this is no ordinary ghost. And Becca is about to experience the most incredible sexual experience of her entire life!

3) He Said, She Said - Not all the stories about a high school teacher getting banged by her sexy student are urban legend. But a woman’s point of view is radically different from a man’s. And when both sides tell their story about what really happened in the high school auditorium, the differences are hilarious! Which part do you believe--what he said, or what she said?

4) A Change of Careers - Ray was a good photographer, but he didn't realize how much fun he was missing out on, until sexy Kita convinced him to take nude pictures of her!

5) In The Dead of Night - Bryce hated South America, and everything about it...until the rainy night when a sexy, innocent senorita came knocking on his cabin door, searching for shelter from the storm!

6) Kari's Mom - Barry had wanted to seduce his pretty neighbor, Kari, for a long, long time—if he could ever get up the courage to try. He never guessed that Kari’s sexy mother, Lauren, planned to introduce him to the glorious wonders of hot, sweaty sex first!

7) Pizza Party - Marcus didn't know quite what to think when he delivered a batch of pizzas to a rollicking college party--and one of the girls invited him in for hot sex!

8) Tease - All the girls on the cheerleading team whispered about Alex, and the sexy photos he took down in his basement. If half the rumors were true, he'd seduced more girls than the entire football team combined! He'd been taking ordinary modeling photos of Ariel for six months, and she didn't know what to believe...until the day he finally convinced her to model in the nude!

9) The Chieftain's Daughter - Could there be any fate worse for a chieftain's daughter than to be captured by the enemy warlord? Annie was determined to fight, even if he killed her for it. But Cassidy had a different goal in mind--he ached to possess her lovely body, and introduce her to the joys of sweet passion!

10) The Pet Sitter - Luke didn't mind dog-sitting for his one-time babysitter, sexy Sara Milford. The bennies were great...all the food he could eat, plenty of hot porn movies to watch...and he was getting paid for the privilege! But he never expected an extra bonus...getting laid for the very first time...when Sara came home and found him sleeping naked on her couch!

Word Count: 34,084

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