Becca Sinh's Top 10 Erotic Stories - Volume 3


[erotica, hardcore, older man, teen, virgin, outdoor sex, anal sex, hardcore sex, mmf, groupsex, exotic cruise, ship steward, post-apocalyptic, pregnancy, childbirth, male virgin, interracial, warlord, Australian outback, pornstar, mff, farmer’s daughter, ranch hand, smoking]

Now, for the first time, you can read 10 more of Becca's favorite hot erotica stories in one convenient volume!


1) Awakening - Corey had fallen head-over-heels in love with Megan the very first night they'd met. But he was nine years older than she was, so he'd kept his hands to himself. How could he have guessed that she only wanted one thing for her eighteenth birthday...and that one thing was HIM?

2) Fireworks - Marcus had always fantasized about making love outside, in a public place, where anyone might catch them. And Iris was willing to try anything! But she was about to get more than she'd bargained for, when Marcus decided that hiding under a big bush at the 4th of July fireworks celebration was the perfect time and place!

3) It's Miller Time! - Curt and Scott had been best friends their entire lives, and they'd shared everything...except a girl. But all that changed when shy, innocent little Melanie stumbled upon their secret hideaway, and discovered the joys of hot, hard group sex!

4) Midnight Cruisin' - Alaina had never expected to win an exotic two-week Carribean cruise...and her handsome, horny room steward, Patrick, was about to teach her a whole new meaning of the phrase 'room service!'

5) One Hot Summer Day - When "The Pulse" hit, and their civilization was destroyed, Callie's parents escaped into the high mountains with Callie and her best friend, Cody. For six carefree years, they laughed and worked and played together--until one hot summer day, they learned to play a delightful new game.........

6) Prison Term - It was supposed to be a harmless psychology project. Pretend to be a prison inmate for the weekend, and observe how the real inmates coped. But when pretty Bobbi Williams found herself accidentally assigned to the men's wing, her definition of "hands-on training" took on a whole new meaning!

7) Warrior Queen - Joselyn had grown up in the most dangerous part of the war-torn city. But nothing could have prepared her for the exquisite delight she'd feel at the hands of her most hated enemy, the Warlords leader himself!

8) Outback Adventure - Lance had been a sheep herder in the Australian outback for so long that he'd nearly forgotten what a woman looked like...or so he thought, until he investigated a nearby plane crash, and discovered that he'd just rescued one of the hottest porn stars of all time!

9) Burn, Baby, Burn! - Rusty was in for a shock when he rounded the barn corner, and found his boss’s pretty daughter trying to smoke a cigarette! Why hadn’t he realized how much she’d grown up? And she looked outrageously sexy in that skimpy vest and shorts! Suddenly he ached to cool the fire in his blood by plunging deep into her hot little body! And he’d figured out the perfect way to get away with it...

10) Anywhere - Colin was in for a huge surprise when he returned home from Egypt...his mischievous tomboy cousin had grown up into the most sexy, gorgeous temptress he'd ever seen! But was he seducing her...or was she seducing him?

Word Count: 46,391

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