Bayou Heat


[Teen, Virgin, Male Virgin, Masturbation, Voyeur, Outdoor sex]

Bran and Lily don't remember having been kidnapped as children; their only real memories are of growing up half-wild in the murky Louisiana bayou. But now their captors are both gone, leaving them to fend for themselves. Will fiery passion flare between them as they struggle to survive in the treacherous southern swamps?


      Bran thought back to the times he and Lily had spied on Caleb and Roz having sex. They hadn't made any efforts to hide their activities; in fact, he'd gotten the distinct feeling that Caleb, especially, had enjoyed flaunting himself in front of them. He'd made a real show of bouncing up and down on Roz when he'd known they were awake and watching from their end of the trailer, and his husky grunts had been a lot louder and lustier, too.
      He'd usually started by kissing Roz hard on the mouth, then stripping her clothes off and fondling her all over. Then he'd sucked hard on her breasts, and vigorously pumped his hand up and down until his shaft was hard and slippery. Sometimes Roz had bent down and taken it in her mouth, and sometimes he'd flipped around and spread her legs wide so that he could bury his face against her fuzzy pubic curls. Roz had loved that, especially when he'd stuck his fingers deep inside her.
      After that, he'd climbed on top of her, and humped up and down. Sometimes he'd laid on top of her, sometimes he'd knelt behind her and pushed it between her parted thighs. Sometimes she'd sat on top of him and bounced until he'd groaned and shouted, and his massive body had bucked frantically beneath her.
      Bran cast an appraising glance at Lily. She was taller than Roz had been, and her breasts were larger. They rose and fell in an intriguing rhythm as she panted for breath, then softly moaned when he slid his palms over her rising nipples.
      He'd watched Roz and Caleb kissing often enough, but he'd never tried it himself. What if Lily didn't like it?
      Cautiously he leaned closer, then pressed his mouth against hers. It felt...nice. Not crazy-wild, but definitely nice. And when she moved a little, and her lips glided softly against his, it felt even better. Eager passion began to harden him again.
      "Let me take your shirt off." He whispered it against her mouth, and moved his hands a little faster. Her soft whimper of delight aroused him even more, and the bone-deep ache in his belly kicked up another notch. "You have such pretty bumps, Lily. Lots prettier than Roz's. Let me touch them!"
      Swiftly, before she could protest, he curled both hands around the tattered hem of her t-shirt, and pulled it over her head. Her full breasts bounced free, and swayed enticingly in the cool moonlight.
      He'd never understood why Caleb had seemed so obsessed with touching and sucking on Roz's, but suddenly his mouth began to water with longing. "Oh man, Lily, you're so sexy!" He'd heard the phrase a thousand times before, and now he understood what it meant. "Please, let me taste them! Please..."

Word Count: 5,816

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