Becca Sinh's Top 10 Erotic Stories - Volume 5


[erotica, hardcore, science fiction, teen, virgin, older man, hologram, cousin, partner swapping, Egyptian prince, group orgy, interracial, castaways, shipwreck, telepathy, empath, prostitute, mmff, pregnancy, mmf, drunk, outdoor sex, anal sex, cybersex, chatroom, fantasy, princess, Incan ruins, explorer, cheerleader, gangbang, sorority sister, football team, jungle man, male virgin, photographer]

Now, for the first time, you can read 10 more of Becca's favorite hot erotica stories in one convenient volume!


2) Anywhere Part II - "The Prince's Palace" - ** Banned repeatedly on Amazon ** - Colin hadn’t known what hit him when gorgeous Jemmy had seduced him several months ago. And when she’d begged to join him in Egypt, he simply hadn’t been able to leave her behind. But he’d never expected his newest client, the virile and handsome Egyptian prince Omar, to find her so captivating, or to be offered one of his slave girls in exchange for a single night with pretty Jemmy!

3) Castaways - The incredibly powerful Mating Force ensured that their remote island tribe would survive. But when Kiel and Kiri were shipwrecked, they were faced with a terrible decision. Yield to the irresistible primal drive, conceive a child, and live. Resist--and suffer the tragic consequences. How could they possibly turn to each other, even when the alternative meant agonizing death?

4) Empathy - Arianna was one of the most successful Cyprian Jades ever to grace the decadent Playgrounds. She was young, beautiful, energetic, and extremely popular with the men. But her entire life changed when Jayden, one of the mysterious Empaths, mentally bonded with her, and showed her how exquisite hot passion really could be!

5) Not Your Normal Wedding Vows - Serena might not have been the smartest girl in her class--but it didn't take her long to learn how to dance naked with sexy Damon at her best friend's wedding!

6) Party Playtime - It was Tricia's 21st birthday party…but Missy got the best present of all when she had too much to drink…and then Tricia and her boyfriend, Bryce, decided to teach her all about sex!

7) Seduction - Cassandra couldn't figure out why Hollywood superstar Aristotle Gardan seemed to find her so fascinating...but she wasn't going to question her good fortune! Little did she know that Ari burned to be her first lover, and teach her about the amazing joys of sex outside by his big moonlit swimming pool!

8) Summer Camp Surprise - Stephanie had learned about hot, steamy sex from Ashley and Emory. But it was Bryce, her childhood enemy, who taught her the true meaning of passion...and love.

9) Weekend Rendezvous - Tricia met Tony through an online chatroom, and for months they cybered every single night! But then Tony told her that he was coming into town, and wanted to meet her "in the flesh." Would their real-life romance measure up to the pleasure she'd found online?

10) Fantasy World Anthology - What's a girl to do when her boyfriend's out of town? Fantasize! If you enjoy steamy fantasies, join me for my four favorites: 1) Sexy explorer seduces innocent Incan princess! 2) Innocent exchange student is enticed into fucking the entire football team. 3) Share my adventures with a sexy jungle man in darkest Africa! 4) I'm an innocent jungle savage who meets--and is seduced by--her first man.

Word Count: 148,683

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