Coffee, Tea, or MILF?


[milf, cougar, older woman younger man, milf seduction, milf fantasy, cougar and cub, mature, cougar erotica, milf erotica]

Cory is upset. First he has to give up his room and sleep in the crappy spare room downstairs because his mother's friend Savannah from Texas is coming to stay for a few weeks.

But a bigger problem is Cory is having trouble with girls. Since breaking up with his high school sweetheart and the only girl he had ever slept with, Donna, he has lost his confidence. Even when the girl is more than ready to go, he shies away afraid he won't be able to.

But things are going to change and for the better because Savannah is a recently divorced smoking hot redheaded Milf who is more than ready to show a good looking young man exactly how to please a woman!


      My head jerked off the pillow at a sharp knock on the door.
      “Cory, you awake?” Savannah called.
      “I am now.” I snapped back, annoyed to see it was only a little after seven. Friday was the only day I didn’t have a morning class and could sleep in.
      “Good.” Savannah spoke through the door, obviously not getting the sarcasm, “Come on out to the kitchen, I made you something special!”
      “Okay, give me a minute.” I replied, sitting up and rubbing at my eyes.
      “Don’t be long; you want to eat it while it’s hot!”
      I heard her footsteps heading away from the door and forced myself to swing my legs off the bed. Savannah was not exactly what I needed first thing this morning. Not only did I jack off to the thought of fucking her before I went to sleep, but my night was filled with wet dreams of her doing every dirty thing I could imagine.
      Standing, I tossed on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Exiting my room, I made a quick stop to use the bathroom and after brushing my teeth, decided to brush my hair. Even as I did so I rolled my eyes, like it would matter what I looked like at the breakfast table, but I didn’t want Savannah to think I was a slob.
      Making my way down the hallway to the kitchen it occurred to me I couldn’t smell any food. When mom made breakfast the entire first floor would be filled with the delicious aroma of bacon or sausage. I caught a faint whiff of coffee, but that was it. I wonder what she had made that was supposedly going to get cold.
      When I entered the kitchen I wandered over to the table which I noticed was clear, with not even so much as a napkin on it.
      “Have a seat.” Savannah said from the corner behind me where the coffee pot was located on the counter.
      Still frowning at the table, I eased the chair out and sat down. “Where’s the plates?” I asked.
      “Don’t need any.” She said softly, “For what we’re going to be eating all we need is our fingers,” she giggled, “And our tongues of course.”
      Turning my chair around partway so I could face her, I started to ask, “What are you…” when I stopped in mid sentence.
      Savannah had her back to me and was wearing a pink satin robe that was so short I could see the backs of her long legs almost all the way up to her ass cheeks. Her long auburn hair was down and as I stared she dropped a spoon and said, “Jeez, clumsy me.”
      Taking a step back towards me, she bent over and I my mouth fell open as the robe lifted to expose her ass. She was wearing a pink thong with a little black bow at the top that was little more than a string leaving her ass entirely exposed. Savannah had some curves to her lush body and her well rounded caramel colored ass cheeks were nothing short of amazing.
      While making a show of picking up the spoon, she gave that ass a playful shake and my eyes were drawn to the thin strip of pink material between her thighs.
      “Oh my god.” I whispered. The thong was so skimpy it didn’t completely cover her and the material was pulled between her lips, exposing the darker skin of her pussy.
      Straightening, Savannah turned to face me and my already rising cock shot to full attention. The robe was tied loosely and showed off the matching pink lace bra she was wearing. The cups were transparent and the robe was open to the point I could see her dark and very hard nipples through the lace.
      “So,” she gave me a huge smile causing me to note her thick sensual lips were painted a deep red, “What will it be, baby?” she held up a mug and leaned against the counter, “Coffee, tea, or…” placing the mug on the counter she pulled the tie on the robe causing it to fall open. “Me?”

Word Count: 18,440

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