Kinky Women


[Public Sex, Hardcore Sex, Exhibitionism, Anthology]

In this world there are, fortunately, some women who prefer their sexual activities in unorthodox ways and/or in unorthodox places. Here are 16 short stories about such women and the men who are more than willing to share those activities.


      “Heather, don’t you know the furniture doesn’t come with the house? The bed and everything else is just here to show people what the place will look like after people buy it and furnish it. It’s called 'staging.'”
      “Maybe we can talk them into selling us the bed with the house. But let’s try it out first.”
      What Heather had in mind became clear when, after lying on her back, she raised her ass off the bed and pulled her skirt up above her waist. The only thing she had on under the skirt was a pair of translucent panties and they were even more translucent because the crotch was soaked with the fragrant juices from her pussy.
      “Heather, are you crazy? People are liable to walk through the door at any minute.”
      “Not without knocking, they won’t and, when they knock, we’ll just tell them to go away. C’mon, Jack. Don’t you like to eat my pussy anymore?”
      Well, of course, there’s very little I like more than eating Heather’s pussy, especially when it’s all wet and smelling as good as it was then, and I’m not usually reluctant to do so. I’m also not very modest so, after glancing at the closed door again, I removed my shoes, knelt between her legs and hooked my fingers in the waistband of her panties. Heather had one of the pillows in her hands and, when she raised her ass again to let me pull down her wet panties, she slipped it under herself so her pussy was at the level she knows I like. Another pillow was under her head as she made herself comfortable.
      With her panties on the floor and her legs draped over my shoulders, I breathed deeply of Heather’s delightful aroma and buried my face between her legs, wanting to prove once again that her pussy tasted even better than it smelled. While her hands rested affectionately on my shoulders, I started with the drops that had trickled down one of her thighs and lapped up them and the stream from the other leg. As I had known they would be, her juices were delicious. After savoring it from her thighs and crotch, I started licking between the inner and outer lips on one side of her pussy. From what we were doing in the public place, Heather was already so highly aroused and her pussy was starting to fuck up into my face.
      She became even more aroused while my tongue slowly stroked its way to the end of her inner lip. I was completely enraptured by Heather’s beautiful pussy but she was lying on her back facing the door so she could watch for people who might want to enter the room. “Go away. We’re busy.” I heard her call out, and then I heard the door close. The thrill of the near discovery, combined with what my tongue was doing, caused her juices to run even more freely and her pussy began fucking into my face more strongly.
      After relishing the fresh nectar, and beginning to lick her other pussy lip, Heather said “See, Jack, I told you people would go away if we said we were busy.” I hoped she was right but I was having too much fun to care very much.
      By the time I had licked to the end of her other inner pussy lip, Heather’s head was tossing back and forth on the pillow; she was moaning from the extreme pleasure and her ass was rocking from side to side on the display bed while her pussy seemed to be trying to wrap itself around my face. I could tell she was getting close to coming.
      Suddenly, I heard a shrill female voice behind me asking, “What do you people think you are doing?” It seemed like a pretty silly question to me, because anybody would see what we were doing, but Heather answered her anyhow.

Word Count: 59,637

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