Women Who Know What They Want...And Get It!


[Interracial sex, Threesomes, Female Masturbation, Glory Holes, Nudity, Multiple Orgasms]

Monica Moon is a sexually liberated woman who loves to read erotic stories and to write them. Here are fifteen of her short stories, each one about a woman who enjoys sex and who knows what she wants and how to get it.


Excerpt from “Hot Blonde Waitress”

      She left, swinging her hips provocatively, and returned a minute later with a glass of iced water. Justin was still perusing the menu, unsure of what he wanted to eat in the dining room but thinking it wouldn’t be able to match the joy of eating what was at the apex of the waitress’s thighs. He still didn’t think he should come on to her but he believed he would have a fairly good chance of success if and when he did. Once more he watched her voluptuous ass sway as she walked away before deciding what he would order from the menu.
      The dining room was not very busy that late in the evening and Ashley watched as the desirable young man closed his menu and set it aside. Order pad in one hand and pen in the other, she returned to his table to write down his choice, smiling when his selection included fried oysters.
      “I hope you can think of something nice to do about those oysters after you’re through eating,” she said while grinning knowingly.
      “Oh, I’m sure I will.”
      “I’m sure you will too and you won’t have to look very hard or very far for the right person to do it with.” She returned to her station and made herself look busy and watched while her choice for the night finished his meal.
      Ashley served the few other diners who were present and watched while her chosen man for the night slowly ate his oysters. The other men were with their wives or other women or were too old to interest her so she was committed to either leaving with the brown-haired man or going home by herself. When he finished, she waited a few more minutes so as not to rush him and sauntered back to his table. Before going, she unbuttoned the last buttons on her dress, meaning she had to hold the sides together with one hand while she concealed herself with the dessert menu. She did not believe there was any advantage to being coy that evening.
      “Would you care for some dessert?” As she spoke, she was handing him the menu and bending over with her dress wide open in order to give him the best view yet of her breasts, which were barely covered by her skimpy bra and by nothing else.
      That confirmed what he had suspected but Justin was still cagy and knew he needed to protect himself. “Yes, I would, and what I want is you but first I need to ask you something. Please don’t take it personally. First, are you a working girl and second, are you a cop?”
      To Ashley, those were reasonable questions because she knew the man had to protect himself. “No, I’m not a hooker and I’m not a police decoy. I’m just a girl who likes to have some fun when she gets off work.”
      “That’s good, because I can see we’d like the same kind of thing. My name is Justin Fisher and I’m in Room 327 if you want to come by after closing.” He looked around and saw that only a few other diners were still present. “I’m sure that’ll be pretty soon.”

Word Count: 57,453

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