Lust Angel


[first time, virgin, bad-boy, bikers, gangbang, rough sex, ghosts, angels ]

Raised extremely religious, Luann is having a bad day. Short one fiancé, now there are snakes coming after her to punish her for her sins. Screw that. Luann’s sick and tired of being the youngest virgin headed towards spinsterhood. In desperation she prays for sex! And just like that a Lust Angel and his motorcycle gang appear to satisfy her every carnal and sinful desire.


      Harold reached for my hand, and I felt my pulse race. This was it. He was about to propose.
      Why else would he have brought me up the trail to the look out on a weeknight and made me pack a picnic basket. We’d been dating long enough, the time had come to make it official, to give him the rights to claim my body as his due in the eyes of the Lord.
      I should have been excited.
      I should have waited patiently.
      I should have allowed nature to take its course.
      But I didn’t.
      You see, what I haven’t told you yet, is that I had a secret.
      A terrible, horrible, sinful secret.
      I was a lusting woman.
      That’s right, I was a woman who desired to have sex with another person. Outside of marriage. Anywhere at all.
      I’d even done the unthinkable, and touched myself.
      If Harold knew, he’d never want me.
      I lived in fear at every service that the serpents would discover my sin. But so far, since I’d started touching myself, only a few weeks before that day, I’d been spared the wrath of the snakes.
      If I could become an honest woman, a married woman, then all my sins would be washed away, I hoped. But, as Harold's clammy fingers squeezed mine, I had another thought.
      I couldn’t bear the idea of saying yes to him. Not without having some idea what he'd be like in my bed. I needed to have some inkling of his body under the starched exterior walls he always kept erect. I wanted to know that he had something else that could become erect.
      To my horror and his shock, I suddenly turned to him.
      “Kiss me,” I begged, then I threw myself into his arms.
      At first he appeared taken aback my request, but after extracting my arms from his side, and settling me back firmly in front of him, he nodded at me.
      Pursing his lips obligingly, he closed his eyes and dropping his head back slightly. I was taller than him, so I bent my face down to find his mouth. But instead of giving him a chaste press against his closed lips like we usually did during our brief good night kisses, I did the unthinkable. I grabbed him tightly by the shoulders and smashed my mouth against his.
      He stiffened beneath me—but not where I hoped.
      Instead, he tried to pull his mouth and body away from me. But I held on tight. The Devil had taken hold of me, and I was hell bent to get what I wanted. I held his skinny arms firm against his sides and continued my attempts to extract from him a real kiss. I needed to taste his moisture, feel his heat, anything. I needed to know something of him before I committed to becoming his soul mate. I knew it was insane, but I couldn't stop myself. Even as he struggled, I moved my head frantically about, trying to poke my stiff tongue into the space between his locked lips. In desperation, I released his arms and grabbed his ass, pulling his hips against me as I tried to grind my crotch into his. I hoped that would get a rise out of him, and at least confirm that he had a cock, but no go.
      With strength I didn’t know he possessed, powered no doubt by shock and righteous indignation, Harold finally managed to free himself from my assault and staggered away from me to the other side of the trail.
      “Harlot!” he yelled at me, between gasps for air. He pointed his bony finger in my face. “Stay away from me, you Jezebel, you whore, you, you sinner!” He picked up his burlap sack and snake stick and took off down the trail, getting away from me as if I was the Devil incarnate.
      I stood there for a long while, shocked by my behavior.
      What had I done?

Word Count: 20,000

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