Young Lust


[First time, First Love, Voyeurism, Premarital sex, Independent men and women]

Once again, Monica Moon, a sexually liberated woman, presents for the discerning reader, an anthology of erotic short stories, 15 of them in all, each featuring young men and women in the throes of passion with each other. Some of these tales are about the willing surrender of virginity, male or female or both, and others are about the search for Mr. or Ms. Right.


      Cleo smiled at him. She knew what she wanted, which was to get Aaron into bed so they could bang each other’s brains out and she couldn’t imagine why his wife and the bitch who had rebuffed him that night wouldn’t feel the same way about him. He was quite handsome, tall and dark-haired with regular features, including dark brown eyes. The man of her dreams was slightly older than she, about 25 years compared to her twenty but she considered that to be not enough to make a difference.
      Suddenly, it occurred to her that she would very probably never get a better chance to fulfil her wish than that very night. It was still relatively early; his son was sleeping soundly and he was probably horny and a bit frustrated at striking out earlier. She moved closer, smiled up at him and took his arm in her hand.
      “Noah is sleeping like a little angel. I don’t know about those other girls but I’ll show you what I want. Are you really interested in finding out?”
      He didn’t answer so, gently but firmly, she tugged on his arm, leading Aaron into what she knew to be his bedroom. She had been in the room earlier in the evening, fantasizing about what she and Aaron would do on the double bed if the opportunity ever arose. She believed it might have finally arisen that night and was determined to take advantage of it while she could. Cleo stopped beside that same bed and moved in close with her arms around him looking up at his visage with adoration in her eyes.
      Aaron had never been a man who was skilled at interpreting signals sent out by women, even including his former wife. He had been wrong about Rachel but he had no doubt what Cleo’s actions toward him meant. He wrapped his arms around the diminutive brunette and, as he did, he realized she was far prettier than the woman he had dated earlier that evening, with creamy white skin, green eyes and dark brown hair. She felt really good in his arms too, soft and warm and pliant.

Word Count: 63,254

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