Track Meet In Purgatory


[virgin, male virgin, first time, romance, storm, nerd, best friends, outdoor hardcore sex, virgin sex, coming of age]

Jason and Lynne are nerds. They grew up as best friends who share interests in science and running. They just had to hike into that remote desert canyon to see some dinosaur tracks. Alone in that canyon when disaster threatens, they learn how important they really are to each other…and that a boy and a girl can be much more to each other than just best friends.


      "I want to sit on you and feel you against me," she said. She pulled her hand out of my pants and moved to straddle me.
      Placing both hands around her little waist, I helped her center herself over me; she lowered herself. And suddenly, I was very aware that only two thicknesses of fleece separated us.
      Immediately, she began to rock against me, and a low moan escaped from her. "That really feels good!" she exclaimed. "You really feel good."
      "It does feel good," I agreed. "Really good!" I was breathing raggedly now, and my own hips rocked in response to hers as I slid my hands under her jacket again in search of her naked boobs.
      She rested her hands on my shoulders as she rubbed herself against me, and she leaned into me for still another kiss. Joyfully, our tongues danced with each other, and we both moaned anew. Our rubbing continued as I touched and caressed her naked tits. Quietly, then, we lay against each other, rocking gently, lost in ourselves and each other.
      The way she rubbed against me through our fleece pants made me think of the warmth and moisture…the hot slipperiness…my fingers had found a few minutes earlier, and when we broke that kiss, I said, "I want to feel you against me like this without our pants in the way."
      Her lips pressed against mine again, briefly, and withdrew. She moaned in reply and said, "Yeah! That would be so hot!" And she stood up beside me. In the darkness, I heard her taking off her warm-up pants.
      She found me in the darkness, and she straddled me again. She lowered herself to her knees over me and descended to cradle my length, transmitting the warmth and moisture of her feminine treasure to me. I found her waist again with my hands, and, as I did, she began to rock her hips.
      She delivered hot, wet, slick friction as she slid along me, and I moaned at the new sensations. She seemed to like what we were doing, too; she moaned in concert with me. And, as we moaned together, I found the bottom of her jacket and slid my hands upward under it to capture her boobs again.
      She leaned forward once more, and pressed her lips against my own. We moaned into each other's mouths again as our tongues re-engaged. By the time we ended that kiss, both of us were breathing heavily and unevenly. She slid her hands under my shoulders, placed her head on my shoulder, and began to plant little kisses on my neck. Her hips kept rocking, and I kept exploring the hemispheres of naked flesh under her jacket.
      Desire built in me as she continued to slide, back and forth, back and forth, against me. My pressing need for her grew, increased, until I blurted, "Lynne, I really want to…to…" In spite of the passion that nearly overpowered me, I couldn't quite say what I wanted.
      I didn't need to; she knew. "I want to, too," she replied. "I want to feel you inside me. I want it so much! Do you think we should?"

Word Count: 28,490

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