Treetop Lovers


[treehuggers, college romance, young love, young lust, activists, hardcore sex]

Here is a romantic novelette about a group of students who, even at risk of their own lives, were determined to preserve a beloved stand of trees at the university they attend. Besides success in their endeavor, two of the leaders of the activist group develop a deep love for each other and demonstrate it in the top limbs of the tree they are protecting.


      Although he was as hard as any of the branches surrounding them, and her pussy was actually starting to drip, she thought they needed more lubrication before beginning what they both wanted so much to do. Patty moved up closer, took his cock into her mouth and stroked it a few times. This was something she loved doing, just as Charlie loved eating her pussy, and they expected to do more of both in a future, but in a bed they would be permanently sharing. This would have to be subsequent to the court’s announcing their decision in a few hours. They had no condom, but she was on the pill and they were sure neither of them had any kind of disease to worry about. They were also not worried about falling because, while it might not have been logical, they were both confident their friend, the tree, would not allow such a thing to happen.
      When she thought his cock was wet enough, Patty climbed higher, until she was straddling Charlie, with her hands braced against the branches growing up and out from what they were starting to think of as their limb. He held his cock in place with one hand, while placing the other on her hip to guide her as she lowered her pussy, until contact was made. Before penetration could begin, he rubbed the head in her wetness that was pleasing his nostrils so much, until it was wet enough that she could easily impale herself while he held it upright for her.
      “Now,” he whispered. “Right here.”
      With both hands leaning on the branches to the sides of the limb and trusting Charlie to guide her safely, Patty lowered her body until she felt the end of his cock pressing against the place they both wanted it. He wiggled it slightly, and the tip wedged into her wet pussy, evoking a luxurious sigh from both young people. She stayed like that for a few more seconds, letting her love channel adjust itself to the hard, new presence before letting her body descend again. His rigid shaft burrowed more deeply into her pussy, and they expressed their joy even more loudly.
      It was deep enough inside Patty’s pussy that Charlie no longer needed to guide his cock, so he placed both hands on her ass, with his fingers inside the cleft. The next time she lowered herself, he pushed down with his hands and thrust his cock up to meet her, imbedding his entire shaft in the wet hole that was so greedy for it. The young lovers lay like that for almost a minute, letting their new-found emotions flow between them.

Word Count: 8,804

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