Sonia's Dirty Phone


[Hotwife, Cuckold, Cheating Wife, Adultery, Hardcore Sex, Fantasy Sex, Roleplaying Sex]

A chance encounter leads to a conversation with her husband. To her surprise, Jill discovers something about Luther he'd kept hidden through two decades of marriage. Things happen, they role-play, with Jill making up a wild alter-ego.

As Sonia, she then begins to have some adventures, her husband tagging along.


      They were hard with desire. Three of them. Sonia dragged her focus up from where their hands cranked their cocks. She looked at their faces and saw their eyes moving all over her body. The hunger she saw brought a groan from her throat. Being the object of such lewd adoration was still a new thrill. She wasn’t yet used to the lascivious attention. Wasn’t yet jaded.
      They were grouped at the foot of the bed, jacking their dicks while she lay on top in a corset and hold-ups and heels. Sonia’s clit tingled with need. Her breasts ached to be touched. She thought about how it was going to be when they eventually came at her. Their hands on her skin, three gorgeous cocks.
      “Oh god,” she mumbled, insides clenching with lust. “I’m so bloody randy. Who’s going to fuck me?” she asked on a moan. “Who’s going first?”

Word Count: 21,000

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