Hotwives and Husbands


[hotwife, slutwife, cuckold, cheating, dominant wife, submissive husband, interracial sex, groupsex, hardcore sex]

A collection of six stories about sexy hotwives and the husbands who love them.


      She was impressed.
      Lillya had gone down onto her knees and yanked at Waverly’s belt. She’d unfastened the clip, unzipped, and then let his pants fall to his shins. The promise was there in his shorts, a thick hose curved against the snug confines, the long, dark cock springing free when she tugged the elastic waistband down over Waverly’s butt.
      “Black,” she sighed, just looking, soaking him up with her eyes.
      “Your first?” Waverly said, eyes wide and unblinking.
      She tilted her face up to meet his stare. Chewed on her lower lip and then shook her head.
      “No, not the first one.” Lillya then lifted the length with an upturned palm. She jigged it up-and-down, as though checking its weight. Like she was buying fruit at the market and was testing the quality before laying out cash. “But it is the nicest. The biggest,” she breathed.
      “Not all us black guys have huge dicks,” Waverly said.
      Lillya shrugged and grinned at him, her fingers closing around his girth.
      “I don’t care about all black guys.” Her hand started to move.
      Waverly moaned.
      “I only care about you. I only care about this,” Lillya continued, mushing her lips over its head.

Word Count: 31,185

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