Soccer MILF


[MILF, older woman, hardcore sex, M/F sex, oral sex, dirty talk, younger man, sports, soccer, romance]

Karen Miller was a bored housewife with a failing marriage. But a chance encounter at a soccer field brought her together with Bobby, a young man with a gorgeous body. Now the flames of passion are rising, and Karen has to make a decision. Will she risk all for love? Or will she be content to be just another Soccer MILF?


      “Karen,” he whispered, and then his lips were on hers, their touch setting alight a fiery blaze of passion in her body.
      Soft. His lips were so soft on hers. Not demanding. He kissed her with the tender expertise of a man who did not have to prove anything, who was more than willing to accept what she had to offer. And who would stop when she drew the line.
      But at the moment, she was not willing to draw a line at all. His careful restraint made her want more from him. She opened her lips eagerly, her tongue reaching for his. A gentle, teasing greeting, and then she assaulted him, her tongue tangling with his in a dance of desire. She reached up, weaving her fingers into his hair, holding him captive in a loving prison.
      Kissing, licking, stroking his lips with her tongue, she fell upwards into the skies of ecstasy. Every touch only served to drive her desire higher. A lust-fogged part of her brain could only wonder at how quickly she had fallen under his spell. God, and we're only making out right now. What happens when we go further?

Word Count: 19,300

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