Mrs. Claus Comes Once A Year


[adult fantasy, Christmas sex, groupsex, hardcore sex, orgy, romance]

Here is the lowdown on what Mrs. Claus is doing while her husband is on his trip around the world. She is giving and receiving some trips around the world, and all other kinds of sexual activity with horny elves, both male and female. It also details two young elves who meet and get together for some private fun and games. This is a fantasy for adults only.


      She wasn’t the only one in that wonderful state. The cock being held between Mrs. Claus’s lips was throbbing inside her mouth and the elf was sighing and moaning from the intense pleasure she was giving him. She knew his climax was imminent so she started sucking faster and tightened her lips around his shaft. In order to savor the taste and texture of his cum to the maximum, Mrs. Claus continued sucking his cock, but stopped licking and giving dep throat, and positioned her tongue so she could catch and fully savor the taste before swallowing. After a few more strokes, his cock jerked against her lips and, with the next engulfing of the big shaft in her mouth he ejaculated directly onto her waiting tongue.
      The happy lady paused, reveling in his semen, before swallowing the first big, delightful gob just in time to catch the second spurt. Mrs. Claus swallowed that one, and the next, first swirling the fluid around with her tongue and relishing the flavor. When no more was immediately forthcoming, she took his cock out of her mouth and squeezed it from the base, catching all the leftover cum that oozed out. To make sure none was wasted, she licked all around the head and under the ridge of the elf’s rapidly softening cock. When everything had been cleaned off, she released him. He stumbled away to rest before rejoining the orgy, and she looked around for another cock to suck or a pussy to eat.
      Before that would start, though, there was something else that was much more important. Even before the second elf had ejaculated into her mouth, the first male had brought her to the verge of coming, from the way he was eating her pussy. The erotic responses of the second elf’s cock as it jerked and throbbed in her mouth, and the delicious mouthfuls he provided had brought her to the verge of an explosion, and the incredible joy being given her by the tongue that was caressing her pussy was about to push her over the edge.
      “Suck my clit!” she commanded the elf whose face was buried in her crotch.
      He obeyed, drawing her charming love button into his mouth and starting to suck. As he sucked, his lips formed a seal on the base of Mrs. Claus’s clit and his tongue fondled and petted the swollen sides.
      “Yes! Yes!” she cried. “Suck my clit! Keep sucking me!” As she started to come, she gave herself fully to the incredible pleasure emanating from her pussy. Her body thrashed wildly on the mattress, dislodging both the elves who had been sucking and licking her breasts.

Word Count: 20,600

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