Meeting Vicki


[Role playing, Threesome, Strapon, Bisexuals, Multiple orgasms, Anal sex, Oral sex]

Like many of my lady friends, Vicki likes to role play. This is a story about June, a bisexual woman, and I pretending to be married and meeting Vicki for a fun threesome. We all have a great time, and will be getting together for more sexual fun in the future.


      She had also been lubricating and I licked all the delicious juices from her and started probing my tongue into the lower edge of her love hole and the sides of that fabulous pink place. I avoided the upper edge for the time being because that is close to June's clit and I didn't want her to come too soon. We wanted all of us to reach our climaxes at almost the same moment, if we could, though I wanted to be the first because I have painful memories of injuries to my cock when a woman came and clamped her teeth while she was sucking me off. After I left the edge of June's love hole, I mouthed a pair of her labia, nibbling on them with my lips only and dragging my tongue along the inner side. I continued like that to the end of the inner pussy lip, where it merges with the other lip to form the hood over her clit. Following that, I went back to the same inner lip, my tongue caressing it all the way down to June's wet love hole.
      All three of us were lying on our right sides in the shape of a triangle with our mouths busy on each other's sex organs. I looked over at Vicki and I could see her mouth taking my cock all the way in and backing off until just the tip was still between her lips before slowly engulfing it again. Of course, feeling my cock entering that chamber of delight, through her tight, smooth lips and being fondled by her agile tongue was much more gratifying than just watching, although both were fun. Vicki caught my eye and took my cock out of her mouth. She smiled, kissed its head and made kissing motions toward me, before putting it back into the place where she wanted it, her warm, eager mouth, where she continued to satisfy both of us by avidly sucking it.
      I couldn't see much of what June was doing to Vicki's pussy but I could see Vicki slowly humping into her face, and I could hear the wet, juicy sounds as she pleasured them both by licking and sucking on that enchanting confection. Both women were obviously relishing themselves immensely. June looked at me and grinned, her mouth smeared with Vicki's pussy juice. I grinned back at her, my mouth smeared with her juice. She resumed eating Vicki's pussy and I resumed eating hers, and both of us smeared more delectable juices on our eager faces.
      My tongue went to the other outer pussy lip and I licked and treated it the same way, nibbling it and the inner one with my lips, and running my tongue over the inner edge until I reached the end of the inner lip. June was purring with joy in between her slurping and other happy noises, and she had started humping her pussy into my face. When I curled my tongue under the hood and licked her clit a few times, she began thrusting harder. I resumed licking her inner lip slowly, all the way to her love hole and devoured the nectar that awaited me there.

Word Count: 6,342

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