Seaside Lust


[threesome, girl on girl, anal, group, beach sex, tropical sex, hardcore sex, lesbian sex]

Even on warm Caribbean beaches Sam can't leave work at home. He and Inga meet May and Rodrigo there—Sam wants May. She's willing enough, but she wants Inga too. So does Rodrigo, who teaches her that hot, unprotected sex on the warm sand, with the moon rising and the tide coming in, make good sex even hotter. Sam goes back to work, and Inga goes on a pirate adventure with her new friends.


      “Sam, the guy I'm with, wants to fuck you,” she said and then swallowed more beer.
      May smiled, seeming more amused than anything else. “Normally when a man wants me, I hear it from him, not his girlfriend.”
      Inga nodded. “That's what I said. I didn't care that he wanted to fuck you, other than it means he is already losing interest in me, but he insisted I be the one to ask you. I guess he thinks that it's sexier to make me ask you.”
      May looked at her and licked her lips. “What do you want, Inga?”
      She laughed. “I wanted to tell you.” She shook her head. “I didn't want to ask you to sleep with him, but I wanted to tell you that he wanted me to ask. Silly, isn't it? It was happening, and you were a part of it, so I wanted you to know.”
      “Should I fuck him?” she asked.
      She laughed. “You're asking me? I'm not suggesting that. I came for adventure, but this… I don't know.”
      “He's using you, darling. He wants to control you.”
      Inga felt a little sheepish. “I suppose he does. He likes to be in control. And he likes to fantasize about everything, even when he fucks me he can be somewhere else.”
      May tapped her fingers on the table. “He's good looking.” Her eyes rolled up for a moment. She got to her feet and walked around behind Inga. She put her hands on her shoulders and rubbed them soothingly. Then her hands slid down Inga's chest and her fingers grabbed her breasts through her shirt. “What if I said that I came here for adventure too? What if I said that even though I agree that his game is foolish and hurtful to you I thought it might be nice to fuck him?”
      Inga felt her pulse race. “Then he would win.”
      “It isn't a competition unless you make it one, Inga. You told me the story. You came for adventure and despite his foolishness, I think I might enjoy a night with him, but I'm also attracted to you.”
      “I've never had sex with a woman,” she said.
      “Even so, I'd guess that the idea is getting you excited.”
      It was true. May excited her. Her nipples were getting hard; her skin flushed and simmered as her heart raced. She knew she wanted May to keep touching her, to make love to her. “Yes,” she hissed.
      Inga felt May's lips brush her cheek. “I think adventure suits you. I also think that this Sam is being very stupid.”
      Inga trembled, whether at her soft touch or her words, she didn't know. Her body grew hot. May's hand moved down her belly to her crotch, and slipped inside her swimsuit. She moaned as the fingers touched her hot cunt and she knew that she was giving herself to May. “Take me on an adventure, May,” she heard herself say, her voice faltering.
      May took control, somehow getting her out of her clothes and into the bed. She was aware of nothing but the buzzing of her body, the way it spread through her with the electrifying touch of May's fingers and lips. They were naked on the bed in an impossible tangle of flesh when May reached inside her, pushing and sucking the buttons that made her body explode.

Word Count: 7,350

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