Pet Teacher


[extortion, eating pussy, strap-on sex, pegging, transsexual, cougar sex, anal sex]

It is said that living well is the best revenge, and this book illustrates that. A nasty high school student blackmails a teacher into having sex with her and, when he enjoys it, tries to make him do humiliating things for her gratification. The plan backfires, and the teacher has some great sex and finds love, much to the chagrin of the extortionist.


      "You'll be glad to know that you don't have to be lonely tonight. I have a date lined up for you with a very nice lady."
      "Does she want to use a dildo on me like the last one did?"
      "Mike, you know as well as I do that you loved Jenna's strap-on in your ass. Why else would you make a date to see her again?"
      He didn't argue that point because she was right and he and Monica both knew it. He planned to meet Jenna and her toy for a few more sessions before school ended and, he hoped, during summer vacation. "Whether I did or not is neither here nor there. What do you have lined up for me this time? The Bride of Frankenstein?"
      "Of course not. This is a very nice lady and you'll like her." She gave Mike the address and instructed him to be there at seven o'clock sharp, but no earlier. Monica wanted to be comfortably seated at the one-way window and have plenty of beer available before he arrived.
      At the appointed hour, everything was ready. Sylvia was awaiting her caller with some nervousness but mostly anticipation of getting what she hadn't had for a long time. Romantic thoughts ran through her mind although she knew the man would be there just for sex, probably just a one-night stand, but she was willing to settle for that. Her romantic thoughts extended to wearing a long, sheer, black negligee with nothing under it. The garment set off her pretty face and long brown hair quite nicely and, she hoped, minimized the size of her large breasts and ass.
      Monica was also prepared, sitting in the closet on the other side of the one-way mirror. A shelf in front of her was there for the purpose of supporting a video camera but she was using it to hold a can of beer. The rest of the six-pack was in an ice chest beside her. Just then, she was leaning back in her chair but once the action started on the bed which was only a few feet in front of her, she would be leaning forward to get as good a look as she could. Mirrors were cleverly located in the room to give her a variety of views, including looking up from the foot of the bed. By looking into that one, she hoped to be able to clearly see Mike's cock going in and out of what she thought of as her fat, old aunt's flabby pussy.
      "Who's there?" Sylvia asked when she heard her doorbell.
      "It's Mike, your new boyfriend," he answered as he had been instructed, afraid to disobey his extortionist. Once again, he thought how glad he would be when Monica had graduated.
      Sylvia opened the door to let him in, closing it quickly behind him. She was practically naked, and wanted to avoid being seen by neighbors or anybody passing by. Once she had locked the door, assuring their privacy, she gazed at the man who had just entered, surprised at how young and handsome he was. "Hi, Mike. My name is Sylvia," was the only thing she could think of to say.
      He turned and looked back at her, equally surprised at what a hot and sexy woman she was. Like most men, he believed that real women have curves, and he was intrigued by the sumptuous ones of Monica's aunt, fully visible under her transparent garment. Although she thought of herself as being fat, that was only when compared with Ally McBeal or high fashion models. Her age was no more of a turnoff than her womanly curves. The very best sex in Mike's experience had been with the mothers and aunts of his college chums and some of them had been older than Sylvia.

Word Count: 30,494

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