Destiny's Desire


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Destiny has every reason to hate men—her mother is the infamous pornstar Serena Siren, and she despises every part of her mother's flamboyant lifestyle. But all that changes when a gorgeous injured man stumbles on her remote cabin in the middle of a violent storm, and Destiny must care for him. Passion flares between them, and intrigue crumbles her resistance when she catches him masturbating. Now she's determined to learn the truth about sex, starting with a hot anal reaming that will rock her entire world!


      Valen held perfectly still, though every nerve screamed at him to lunge forward and bury himself in her slick virgin heat. He was sure he could feel her heartbeat fluttering hummingbird-fast against his chest. Very slowly he curled an arm around her waist. She moaned again, and wriggled a little before relaxing into his secure embrace.
      He stroked the curve of her breast with one finger, and felt her quiver. How far could he go, he wondered, before she woke? But if she was already drugged with pleasure, would she let him go further?
      Nothing ventured…and he could always claim they’d moved together in their sleep.
      Her peaked nipple felt like a hard pebble against his moving palm. He grazed over it, felt her tremble, grazed over it again. Her body was responding; he could feel enticing dampness against his long cock. He shifted slightly, and felt her thighs tighten in response. Oh yeah, her subconscious was definitely loving it!
      He moved his hand a little faster, rotating his palm in an erotic circle, and was rewarded with a low, sleepy moan. Her thighs tensed again, and he felt sweat break out all over his body. Eagerly he shifted to her other breast, and felt it swell in response.
      “Destiny.” He risked whispering her name very softly, and when she drowsily murmured his name back, he eased his hand away, then began massaging her back. “Does this feel good?”
      “Mmmm hmmmmm.”
      “Would you like it to feel even better?”
      She seemed to hesitate for a million lifetimes, though he knew it was really only a few short seconds. “Mmmm hmmmmm.”
      “Okay.” He stroked her back with firmer movements, kneading her muscles until she was nearly purring with pleasure. Then he began rocking his hips ever-so-subtly. His rigid cock, which had been thudding wildly between her closed thighs, slid wetly back and forth against her sensitive pussy.
      Destiny gasped, and her eyes snapped open in baffled surprise. “Valen…”
      “Relax.” He rubbed her shoulders, and pressed a light kiss against the curve of her neck. “Just relax and enjoy.”
      “But I…”
      He rocked his hips again, and felt his cock stroke every inch of her slick crevice. “That feels so good,” he groaned. “I know you like it, too.”
      Whatever protest she’d been about to make dissolved into a husky moan when he slid down just enough to angle his cock better, and nudged it directly against the entrance of her tight virgin canal. When he did it again, she gasped in rising wonder. “Oh, that does feel good!”
      “It’s going to feel even better,” he vowed, and slid his arm around her waist again to draw her back against his broad chest. “Oh, yeah.” It emerged as a throaty groan as his straining cock penetrated the slightest bit, and sultry heat enveloped his crest. “Roll onto your stomach, Destiny. Let me give you a proper backrub.”
      She obeyed without question. He nearly groaned again when the movement separated them, but rose to his knees and straddled her bare thighs so he could stroke every inch of her back. When he leaned forward, his cock rested perfectly in the valley between her tight ass cheeks. He rubbed enticingly, and felt heat shoot right down into his balls when they grazed against her tight little rosebud. She moaned into the pillow, and her muscles began to quiver.
      “You like that, too, don’t you? Destiny’s not a frightened little girl anymore. She’s becoming a sexy gorgeous woman.”

Word Count: 13,530

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