Librarian's Horny Assistant #1 - Sex In The Stacks


[erotica, older woman, younger man, teen, male virgin, librarian, hardcore sex, anal sex, pussy licking, oral sex, blowjob, cunnilingus]

Cassia can hardly believe it when she catches Toby eagerly masturbating over a raunchy book from the library’s restricted adults-only section! The kid is seriously built…and if he’s that horny just from looking at forbidden pictures, she can hardly wait to teach him about the real thing! But she’s in for a surprise, because her lusty teen volunteer is even bigger (and better!) than she expects!


      Silently she stretched out her hand, palm up, and fixed him with her most severe frown. “The library’s closed, Toby…and you’re restricted from all access for the next two weeks.” It was the worst punishment she could think of, because the kid was a real bookworm. Another kid might have mourned the loss of his iPad or cellphone; with Toby, it was books. He’d been so proud when she’d asked if he’d like to volunteer in the evenings after school!
      “Aw, gee, Miz Cassia…” he protested again, trying to look little-boy innocent with a forbidden book clutched in one hand, and a raging hard-on visibly jutting up beneath his loose shirt. She had to give him points for chutzpah. But it wasn’t going to work.
      Then his lips curved into a shy, admiring smile. “You sure look pretty tonight.”
      With a jolt, she remembered that she’d unbuttoned her blouse far past the point of brazen indecency, and a warm flush rose to color her own cheeks. But she wasn’t going to back down for an instant. The only way to stay in control was to remain calm and cool.
      “The book, Toby.”
      Reluctantly he laid it in her hand.
      She should have let it go. She knew she should have, and later she would wonder at her own brazen audacity. “Do you want me, Tony?”
      His entire body began to quiver with sheer raging lust. Cassia watched in fascination as the front of his shirt bulged out, and his rigid cock began to bob up and down. He might never have used it before, certainly not the way he wanted to…but he obviously had quite a lot to use!
      It was wrong. She knew it was wrong. She was nearly eight years older than him. She’d lose her job if anyone caught them together, even like this. And if she touched him, let alone fucked him, she’d be run right out of town. She’d never be able to get another job again.
      But watching him pant and clench his fists as he fought to keep from creaming his shorts was making her just as horny…and it had been absolutely ages since she’d had sex.
      “Y-you?” Toby’s dark eyes snapped open again, and he gaped at her in stunned confusion.
      “That’s right.” She lifted both hands to the nape of her neck, and began to unwind the thick knot of hair that she always wore in a sedate bun. “What about me? I want sex just as much as you do.”
      His chest suddenly heaved, and his eyes nearly rolled back into his head. “You’d let me…”
      Her hair tumbled down in a satiny waterfall of rich auburn curls. “If you want to. If you want me.”
      “Oh, God.” He whispered it like a prayer, and his hand darted under his loose shirt to clutch his swelling cock with desperate strength. “I’d do anything!”

Word Count: 6,042

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