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For those who enjoy erotic tales by a master of the art, this anthology is over 60,600 words long. Each story graphically and in detail describes the carnal activities of cougars and their prey. The tales are all about women, straight or lesbian, who know what they want and go after it. In every story, the prey has as much fun as the cougar and, by the conclusion, is sexually satisfied and usually looking forward to more and even hotter sessions with the huntress.


Excerpt from “April’s Boytoy”
      He was short, probably less than five and a half feet tall, with a slender form, but it was the young man’s face that drew her attention. At 45 years old, April can easily remember hearing and reading of a handsome man’s visage being described as a “collar ad” but the young store employee had the only face she had ever seen that could match that superlative. His hair was dark brown and curly; his skin was white and unblemished while his features were in perfect proportion. She briefly had a wicked thought of looking down her naked body and seeing that face being held loosely between her thighs while the handsome man’s tongue lapped avidly at her pussy. The thought was such a pleasant and erotic one it didn’t go away easily so she impulsively asked for and received fifty dollars back when she used her debit card to pay for her groceries.
      “Do you need any help to your car, Ms. Price?” the checker asked her.
      “Yes, please.”
      April didn’t really need any help, but the idea of the young man’s tongue lapping between her thighs had quickly evolved from a stray thought to a desire and, from there, to a plan and the only way to bring it to fruition would be for her to accompany the young man to her car and see what happened then. At the store exit, she gave directions to her parking space and followed the young man to the spot. The more usual thing for her to do would have been to lead the way but she had a strong desire to watch the movements of his cute butt, which was small and tight as a polished apple and perfectly filled out his snug black denim pants.
      With every swing of those firm buttocks, her carnal desire grew and her plan became more fleshed out. The first thing she did was loosen the top buttons of her blouse. April worked out regularly at the gym so her big, natural breasts were like those of a much younger woman and she wanted Collar Ad to see that for himself.
      When she was near her car, April used her remote control to unlock the doors and the trunk. “Put the groceries in the trunk,” she instructed the young man with the cute ass and handsome face. She went around him, opened the lid and bent over to give him the best view she could and to read the name tag pinned to his white shirt.
      Johnny Dugan appreciated the view, which was even better than the one he had while they were in the store. While bagging the lady’s groceries, he had compared her breasts to the honeydew melon he had placed in the bag and the view was even better when she leaned over. He was horny as only a 19 year old college boy can be and the woman beside him could have very easily attended to his needs. She had a pretty face with warm brown eyes and short dark hair and her body was also extremely pleasant to see, with a curvy rear end, besides her large, inviting breasts. He guessed her age to be about 35 or 40 but gave no thought to that as anything more than a number.
      The groceries, which were a small quantity because April lived by herself, were quickly placed in the open trunk. She closed the lid and stepped closer to her quarry, holding her purse in one hand and reaching in with the other. Johnny was not surprised at that; it was quite common for bag boys to receive tips from customers. He was surprised, however, when Mrs. Price handed him a ten dollar bill and two twenties.
      “This is too much,” he protested, but not very vehemently.
      “No it isn’t. I have something else I need you to attend to, if you’re up to it.” She reached out and fondled his crotch with the hand that had held the money and learned that he was definitely up for it or would be after a few strokes with her eager mouth.
      It was obvious what the lady meant and Johnny was not at all averse. “I get off work at five.”

Word Count: 60,666

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