Cruising With Anna


[Cruise, Shipboard romance, Role-playing, Swimming pool, Dancing, Shipboard gossip, Wall of Jericho]

The master of raunchy writing has crafted another tale of sex and romance, this time set on a cruise ship. For the first part of the story, there is more of the latter and only tantalizing promises of the former. This lack is much more than compensated for later, by the red hot details and graphic descriptions of the sexual escapades on the high seas and what the lovers start to do once they are both sure of what they want.


      It must have felt good, because Anna was writhing on the bed as she presented first one delectable globe, then the other to my tongue. Usually, I would have spent more time there but Anna was already so close to coming she was moaning and her hips were swiveling, and I had already decided on what I was going to do. Temporarily ceasing my oral adoration of her breasts, I got up and knelt between Anna’s spread legs, admiring the sight of her gorgeous pussy, and the way it was thrusting toward my face, and then I ducked under her legs and buried my face where we both wanted it, sucking all the delicious juices from her pink love hole. After I had swallowed them all, I drew her swollen clit into my mouth, and started sucking on the little charmer, while licking the sides and top. After only a few minutes of this mutually pleasurable activity, Anna started to come.
      Her hips kept swiveling under my face and her legs, which had clamped onto my head, thrust strongly out, over my shoulders. Over and over, Anna rammed her pussy against my mouth and I kept my arms wrapped around her thighs so her clit would stay where it belonged. Anna jerked her hips as she climaxed, and then sagged back on the bed, her legs releasing my head. I savored all the fresh nectar and looked at the smile that was almost bisecting Anna’s face. After wiping leftover juices from my face, I moved back to the head of the bed and kissed Anna’s mouth.
      “Sweetheart,” I said to her, “I really enjoyed that and I hope you did too, but I want to make love to you a lot more, maybe all night, if you want.”
      Anna remained silent but her blissful smile was more eloquent than any words she could have uttered. Once again I started licking her nipples, starting with the same broad strokes as before and switching to short thrusts with the tip of my tongue. Both succulent globes received the same attentions, and after a few minutes, Anna was purring again.
      “My love,” she started, deliberately using the endearment, “I haven’t come for years, and maybe never like I just did, and I just adore what you are doing now. You may be even more wonderful than I thought.”
      “Sweetheart, I love you so much that I want to spend all night making up to you for what some low-life who calls himself a man did to you. The more you enjoy what I’m doing, the more I will enjoy it and the more I will love you, if that is possible.”
      After telling her what I intended to do, I resumed doing it. Anna’s happy purring continued and her upper body started squirming on the bed, as the pushed her breasts out to meet my tongue.
      I continued licking Anna’s precious nipples, and drew one of her luscious mounds into my mouth, to suck on it, with my lips forming a seal. While I applied the gentle suction, my tongue continued to caress her nipple and trace her areola. When her other twin treasure received the same attention from my mouth, Anna murmured, “Oh, my love, that feels even better. My boobies have never been sucked like that, not ever.” Her pussy was squirming on the bed and the first few drops of her fragrant juices were starting to form. Anna’s lovely breasts continued to be pleasured by me and to provide fun for me, until her pussy started humping into the air, and juices started trickling from her love hole.
      When I started to get into place between her legs so I could eat Anna’s pussy again, she interrupted me and asked, “My love, do you want to 69 with me?”
      This was actually a little bit out of character for Anna but I stayed in character, pretending I didn’t know what she meant. “My sweet love, whatever will bring you the most fun is what I want to do, but we have all night and tomorrow morning to make love. The thought of you sucking my cock with your beautiful mouth thrills me, and the thought of eating your wonderful pussy does also but if we take turns doing these things, our enjoyment will last much longer.”
      Anna realized she had slipped out of character and she got right back in. “My darling, as much as I would love to take your handsome cock into my mouth and suck you off and swallow all your cum, I can’t because my mouth is too small and I have a very strong gag reflex. All I would be able to do, and what I want is to kiss and lick and fondle your cock and balls, enhancing your fun while you are giving me indescribable joy with your mouth.”
      “Of course, we can 69. There is nothing as important to me as giving you the most happiness.”

Word Count: 17,167

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