Mother's Milk


[Mother’s milk fetish, oral sex, orgasms]

Eric is horny but able to do nothing about it without the elixir he needs. When he meets Tricia, with two breasts swollen with milk, and learns she was a surrogate mother and has no use for what he needs so badly, he begs her to let him nurse. She is as horny as he, so she is more than willing. In bed, they both fulfill their needs and will be doing so indefinitely.


      Almost reverently, he held one of the lovely twins in either hand. They felt heavy and full, and he even saw some drops of milk oozing out of one nipple. Quickly, he bent over and licked off the ambrosia, relishing the erotic sensation that flooded his body as the warmth of even those few drops of milk filled his mouth. He could even feel his organ starting to stiffen, for the first time in months. Although she wanted very much to continue, and wanted no more delays, Tricia pushed him away, in order to get more comfortable.
      “I love the way that feels, but let me lie down on the bed first.”
      Replacing his hands with her own, Tricia sat on the edge of the unmade bed. Still holding her breasts to prevent any more leaking, she lay on her back and scooted over to the middle, positioning her head on one of the pillows. After removing his shoes and socks, Eric joined her, once again gently filling his hands with the gorgeous globes that were about to give him what he craved.
      He had waited a long time for this moment, and he couldn’t wait any longer. Although eager, Eric used extreme delicacy in taking Tricia’s nearest breast into his mouth, and began running his tongue over the pebbly areola and feeling the hard ridges of her nipple as it quickly became erect. Gently, he sucked and, after a few seconds, he was rewarded by a slow trickle of her deliciously warm milk onto his tongue. While he savored and swallowed the special treat he had been without for so long, he could feel his cock was growing and hardening, and soon would be fully erect. Wanting all he could get, he continued sucking and swallowing. Tricia’s warm, sweet milk was the most heavenly thing he could remember ever tasting.

Word Count: 10,628

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