Naked Escort


[older man and young woman, erotic coupling, nudity, oral sex, exhibitionism]

Angelina is a successful paid escort, partly because of her great beauty and partly because she loves sex so much she always gives her wealthy male clients more than their money’s worth. When Rich Lottabucks, as he called himself in his email, wants her be his date for the weekend, she agrees. Angelina sucks him off and he eats her pussy to two orgasms but that’s just the start, and they will have shared much more carnal joy before their weekend date is over.


            To Angelina’s way of thinking, the best part of sucking off a man, besides being well paid for doing it, is having his cum gush into her mouth and licking off his cock and swallowing his semen. That is the best part, but the entire process is fun, so she wanted to spend a long time before getting that mouthful. Moving her face slowly, she enveloped Rich’s shaft until the head was pressed against the back of her mouth. As she held his cock in that position, her agile tongue was laving everything she had just engulfed. Sensuously, she drew her mouth back and held his shaft gently in her fingers and looked up at him while smiling around his rigid cock.
      To Rich, the best part of being sucked off is coming into the girl’s mouth, but everything else about the blow job she was giving him that day was great too. Especially this would include the visual treat he was getting, which was gazing at the beautiful face with the smoky gray eyes and the smiling mouth behind his erect cock. Even better was when he saw the gorgeous brunette flick out her tongue and lick the end, including probing the slit with the tip of that adept organ, and follow that highly erotic display by slowly engulfing his entire shaft in her mouth. Even as he watched her lips slowly going down on his hard white cock, she was looking up at him with those incredible eyes.
      This time, Angelina only paused for a second when she felt the end of the hard cylinder reach the back of her mouth. One of the many sexual tricks she knows how to perform is to give deep throat, and she started doing that with him. The brief hesitation was followed by her continuing to lower her face until her lips were pressed against his balls and pubic hair. The enveloping was slow and sensual and accompanied by her tongue caressing the long shaft her mouth was engulfing and by her eyes continuing to gaze adoringly at the man seated on the bed.

Word Count: 10,447

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