Tales of Tails


[anal sex, cunnilingus, multiple orgasms, cornholing, analingus, beautiful bottoms]

This book is an anthology of short stories by a master of erotic writing and consists of 14 tales of women whose favorite kinds of sex are anal and oral and of men who revel in being their partners. Some of the stories are in the first person and describe the author’s own experiences, or what he wishes had been his experiences and some are in third person. All describe the action graphically and in great detail with highly explicit language. Read and enjoy.


Excerpt from “Danni's Creamy Cheeks”
      As her ass rammed against my face, her hips continued with their swiveling and her body thrashed from side to side, I hung onto her hips with both arms and kept stroking her clit. My tongue stayed active too, avidly caressing her rosebud until Danni cried out ecstatically: “Yes! Yes! I’m coming! Keep licking me.”
      I did what she wanted, which was I wanted too, but I was unable to keep her body upright while she was in the throes of coming. She fell to one side, but remained on the bed, lying on her side with her legs moving as if she were running in place. My tongue and my hand remained active, until Danni cried out again, louder and incoherently but even more joyously. As she climaxed, all her muscles clenched and she rammed her ass against my face for a final time. After her tremendous orgasm, the blonde hotsy lay on her side, until I freed my arm from under her and moved away, she rolled onto her back then, with her face a mask of absolute bliss, both eyes closed and her lips parted in a happy smile. With my hands, I wiped as much of the juices as I could from her pussy and relished the aroma and flavor as I licked it all off. After that tasty snack, I got off the bed so I could prepare her ass and my cock for fucking. I went first to the bathroom to get a damp cloth. When I brought that back into the bedroom, I went to the dresser where there was a package of condoms, took one, removed the contents from the plastic wrapper and rolled it onto my cock. A plastic squeeze bottle of Aqualube was there too, and I brought it with me when I went back and sat on the bed to wait until Danni was ready to have her ass filled with my stiff shaft.
      The wait was not a long one. Her eyes were wide open and, when she saw my erection encased in latex and the bottle of lubricant in my hand, her smile changed from one of joy to one of lust. She rolled over onto her belly and took the pillow which had been under her head and placed it under her waist and waited for me to get her ass ready to fuck. I didn’t make her wait very long either, because I was just as eager as Danni was to get my cock into that enchanting place.
      When I got onto the bed, she spread her legs and reached back to separate the cheeks of her ass. I reached into the marvelous cleft and used the thumb and index finger of one hand to pry her rosebud open, while my other hand held the plastic bottle and poked the tip into the tiny hole available. When I squeezed on it, Danni’s ass started squirming as she felt the cool, oily liquid gush into that very sensitive place. I removed the bottle and carefully inserted my middle finger into her as far as the knuckle. Her delighted cooing let me know how much she liked that step in the process. To spread the lubricant, I twisted my finger and moved it in and out a few times before taking it out and using the excess lubricant and more from the bottle to cover my cock.
      We were both fully prepared so, holding my shaft in one hand, I reached into Danni’s cleft again to pry open her rosebud. The plentiful lubrication made it easier this time. I leaned in close and moved the tip of my cock up and down in the tiny hole as I had done with the tip of my tongue. The difference was that my cock was rigid and, when I felt I had made a slight penetration, I thrust forward and felt the head wedge into the small pink opening.
      When she felt the end of my cock squeezing its way into the tight place where she wanted it, Danni moaned in lustful joy and wiggled her ass to incite me to cram more into her. With another firm, gentle thrust forward, an inch more of my hard shaft plunged into her ass. I paused then to allow her body to adjust to the intruder which, I knew, was very welcome to her.
      “Give it all to me, George. I want your whole cock in my ass,” she gently chided me.”
      I was taking it slowly, but I intended to plow everything I had into Danni’s ass in small increments. The next time I drove forward, almost two inches of my shaft burrowed into her, eliciting a squeal of delight. My cock was far enough inside that I no longer needed to guide it or to hold her rosebud open, so I wiped my hands on the wet cloth, to remove excess oil, and placed my hands on her hips to so I could pull on them for additional leverage. The next time I thrust forward, almost my entire shaft plunged into her.
      Once we had reached that point, we stayed like that for a few minutes, letting the extreme pleasure inundate our bodies. With every small twitch or any other movement either of us made, a wave of joy rippled through us, eliciting fresh exclamations of glee. Finally, I leaned forward so I was lying on top of Danni, gently holding her shoulders and with my lips next to her ear.
      “Are you ready for this now?” I whispered to her.
      “Yeah, George. Give it to me good.”
      That was my wish too, so I gave it to her good, but slow. First, I drew back so only the head of my cock was inside her, paused for a few seconds and plowed its entire length into her, so my pubic hair was brushing against the delightful insides of her ass cheeks. Danni moaned happily and her body started writhing under me. I continued like that for a few dozen more slow, deep strokes, and her movements and her other responses grew more pronounced, but I knew she would soon want to take a more active part in our fucking.
      “That’s wonderful, George,” she murmured. “But let me get up onto my knees and it’ll be even better.”

Word Count: 58,384

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