Weekend With A Hotty


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Bob is one of life’s losers. With alimony and child support, the only recreation he can afford is watching erotic shows online. His favorite is Hotties4U and his favorite hotty is a gorgeous blonde named Honi Hill. One night, after watching her gyrations, he has a remote chance to be part of her erotic performance. Bob takes that chance; the result is the most fabulous sexual experience of his life, and the whole day is described here in great detail.


      He wasn't the only one who felt that way. Honi placed her hand on his arm, not really holding him in place, but letting him know she didn't want him to leave, and showed him the same grin she had after feeling his hard cock. That wasn't all she showed him. Somehow, the cord of her robe had come untied, and the garment opened wide in the front, displaying both her succulent breasts. She had put her nude body on display to millions of people just a few minutes earlier, but this glimpse of her bare flesh was just for Bob.
      "I hope you're not in too much of a hurry to leave, Bob.” Honi smiled and made no effort to correct the "wardrobe malfunction."
      He definitely was not and, when KC and the other two men left, he was standing beside his hostess, whose arms were holding her robe closed. KC smiled when he saw Bob still there. He was more aware than anyone what a sensuous woman Honi is, and how sexually excited she always becomes during a shoot. Her attraction to Bob, and his to her, had been obvious too, and he saw all the signals she sent him. KC had no objection to the temporary camera operator staying after he and the crew left, even remaining there all night if that was what he and Honi wanted.
      Honi wasn't sure exactly what she wanted, and neither was Bob, but they both knew what they wanted right then. Once the others were gone and she had locked the door, she turned to face him, pulling her robe wide open and letting him see what she had for only him, and not to be recorded on tape. He was quick to react to the beautiful sight, and he stepped forward, put his arms under the robe and pulled her naked body against him. His lips met hers and, this time, both mouths were wide open, letting their tongues resume the affectionate relationship they had started earlier.
      After a long kiss, Honi leaned back in his arms. "Do you remember what I said a little while ago about how I sometimes use my bed for other things than sleeping?” When Bob eagerly nodded his head, she continued. "Well, c'mon, and I'll show you some of those other things.”
      As she spoke, Honi grabbed onto Bob's hand, turned and led him into the bedroom, her robe flapping loosely around her body. After reaching her goal – the bed - she shucked out of the garment and tossed it onto the floor, leaving herself gloriously bare again. Once standing beside the bed, she picked up the pillows from the floor and put them back on the mattress. With that done, she turned and plastered her naked body against his clothed one and they kissed again, allowing their tongues to get even better acquainted. Bob's hands avidly but gently caressed the ass and hips and breasts of his most erotic fantasy until Honi once again stepped away from him.
      "How can I show you what I do here when you've got all those dumb clothes on?" she asked, her impish grin continuing to enchant him.
      Without waiting for an answer, the sexy young blonde started solving that problem. Her fingers nimbly unfastened the buttons on his shirt and, when that was done, she gave a little push against his exposed chest, and he landed on the edge of the bed. Moving quickly, Honi knelt before Bob and removed his shoes and socks, while the object of her desire finished taking off his shirt and throwing it in the direction of her robe. Wanting her partner to be as naked as she was, the highly aroused teenager started on his pants, unbuckling his belt, opening the waistband of his blue jeans and pulling down the zipper of his fly. Bob raised his rear end from the bed; she pulled his pants down and off and added them to the growing pile of cast off clothing.
      Before peeling off Bob's jockey shorts, Honi fondled his cock through the fabric, glad to see it was the right size for her, long and thick enough to give her pussy a great time, but not so big as to be painful. Without wasting any more time, she reached one hand into the elastic waistband and held his erection out of the way while she started to pull off his underwear. Bob raised his ass from the bed again; the last garment joined the others, and the two eager, horny people were equally naked.
      Honi got to her feet, climbed onto the bed and lay on her back in the middle, with a pillow under her head, and more of them available if they were needed. She didn't know exactly what Bob was going to do, but she was certain she would enjoy it. He joined her, intending to do the same things he had been yearning to do all day, and he started by kneeling beside her gorgeous body, cupping a breast in either hand and leaning over to start licking one of her nipples.
      The alluring orbs were big and vibrant and soft and supple and filled his hands to overflowing.

Word Count: 16,801

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