Finding Love And Ecstasy With You


[Foursome, explicit sex stories, anal sex, oral sex, intercourse, menage, erotic romance, erotic novelette, hot and steamy stories, hot couple action]

Watching Dan walk past her work place every morning, after not seeing him for years, she was completely blown away to see that he'd grown into one of the sexiest men she'd ever seen. She wanted him to share and satisfy her desires. He'd be more than enough. But, after meeting up with Harry and Frank, later, she now wants her fantasies to become a reality with the four of them. At the same time...


      We can't get out of the taxi fast enough and into Dan's plush apartment that Frank and Harry share with him. I don't have time to look around as the three of them start tearing their clothes off and never taking their eyes off me for one second. I sit down and watch the show. As the three of them stand there, like sex gods, I feel my legs weaken. What the hell, fuck it, I think, as I begin unbuttoning my blouse and slipping out of my skirt. Their cocks are rigid and ready for my wet cunt.
      “Who would like to take the rest off?” I ask them with half-closed eyelids, full of desire.
      Dan motions to the two others to do it and they both lift me up slowly. Frank unhooks my bra, letting my large soft breasts swing free. My nipples are harder than they've ever been and ripe for licking and sucking. Harry crouches down in front of me and, with two large manly fingers, he slowly peels my knickers down to my ankles. I'm standing there completely naked in front of them all and I've never felt more turned on in my life.
      “Mmmm, I can smell you. You smell fucking incredible!” Harry breathes, as he admires my amazing body.
      All ready for them, for their mouths, hands, cocks.
      “I want the three of you to be my first,” I say, my pussy juices sticking to my thighs, pussy and ass cheeks.
      Frank turned to Dan and gestured for him to go ahead.
      “Guys, warm her up for me first, she's a lady and a lady must have as much foreplay as possible. I'll be her first, but I want you both to do everything you can think of, but don't fuck her, yet. Okay? Plenty of time for that later. We've got all night.”
      “That's more than fine by me, bro,” Harry replies.
      “Of course, whatever you say,” Frank follows.
      “We've got all the time in the world, so do as your brother says and warm me up first. Think of me as the best sports car in the world and you're revving my engine up for the best ride and drive in the universe!” I laugh.
      “Yes madam,” they both retort, playing along.
      I walk towards Dan and press my body against his. I can feel his hard cock pushing against my pussy and I want him more than I've wanted anything or anyone in my life. He picks me up as if I were lighter than a feather and carries me upstairs. Harry and Frank caress my feet as I feel Dan's mouth on mine, his tongue probing and searching for my tongue. Oh fuck! A strong orgasms rips through my body as I melt into him. Laying me gently on a large king-sized bed, I lie there in a state of complete and utter bliss. I'm going to get fucked by my three stepbrothers and I couldn't be happier. This beats working overtime at work and the money means nothing right now as I look up at three very large cocks, waiting for me to pleasure them.
      “Lie down!” I order, pointing to Frank.
      He wastes no time and leaps onto the bed. Getting onto all fours, I move in and start at his feet, working my mouth all the way up. Very, very slowly... He groans and his cock twitches. The head of it is glistening with pre-cum and I can't wait to taste him. I look over my shoulder and smile. Harry and Dan are standing behind me so they've got a wonderful view of my ass and pussy. I can hear them groaning and the wet sound of their hands sliding up and down their cocks, keeping themselves nice and rock hard for me. Returning my gaze to Frank's cock, I begin licking up and down his wide shaft as he arches his back and puts both hands above his head, gripping the headboard.
      Reaching the top of his cock, I open my mouth as wide as I can and ever so slowly push my lips over its girth. Taking him in as far as I am able to, I lick the underside of him as I gently suck at the same time. He comes in seconds. I'm glad, because I cannot wait to feel Dan's cock burying itself inside me.
      “Sorry, I usually last longer than this,” Frank says, as I swallow his hot load and lick my smiling lips.
      “No, it's fine. Plenty of time for me to feel you last longer, later.”
      I wink at him and turn to look at Harry.
      “On the bed. Now!” I command.
      He climbs onto the bed and I lie on my back, looking up at him. His broad shoulder make me weak at the knees as his muscular arms gently pin me down. Kissing me, his kiss is amazing, but not as amazing as Dan's. He kisses all down the front of my neck and reaches one of my erect nipples. Taking it in his mouth, he sucks and licks at the same time. Frank crawls over to me and I begin licking his balls...

Word Count: 12,510

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