She Calls The Shots


[generation gap, older man younger woman, young woman seducing older man, mature, May/December, pool table, oral sex, brunette]

Recently-divorced Marcus has decided he needs to get back to who he is. For years he dressed and acted the part of the urban professional like his wife wanted to, but not anymore. Now dressing and acting much more like himself, the only thing left for Marcus is to have some fun, but he has no idea where to start.

His best friend Kevin tells him to meet him at a hole-in-the-wall biker bar, but ends up not being able to make it. Not that Marcus minds, because while he was waiting for his friend, Marcus meets Allie, the gorgeous young daughter of the bar owner.

Allie isn't just hot, she's made it clear she likes older men, and is more than ready to give Marcus a chance to get back in the saddle. Out-of-practice Marcus finds himself unsure of the next move, but luckily for him, the sexually precocious Allie is calling the shots...right there on the pool table.


      “Good.” I gave her a nervous smile, “You know with my position…”
      “What about positions?” She asked, even as she gave a last wave to Pete who was walking out the door.
      “Oh, nothing, I was just…”
      “Worried about something stupid.” She stated, “What the hell does what you do have to do with…” she shrugged “What you do or,” she lowered her voice to a soft purr, “Who you do?”
      “Okay, okay.” I put my hands up as I shifted in my seat wincing as my hard on bent awkwardly in my jeans. “I’ve had fun flirting, but it’s getting to be a bit much.”
      “Why is that?” she asked and putting her hands on the bar jumped, swinging her legs up onto it. She pushed them off so she was now sitting on the bar next to me her legs hanging off.
      “Because uh,” I watched her kick her feet back and forth, my eyes glued to her inner thigh as her leg swung. “Well it’s teasing.”
      “Teasing?” She cocked her head at me, “Who said I’m a tease?”
      “I said I like older men.” She reached out and ran her nails along my scruffy cheek, “Real older men, not pretty boys who try to act my age.” When I looked at her uncertainly she asked, “Been awhile hasn’t it Marcus?”
      “That’s a little personal.” I said, avoiding her gaze.
      “You’ve been staring at my tits and my ass and sitting there with a bulge in your jeans and a question is personal?”
      “I…well you got me there.”
      “I got you period, Marcus.” She leaned over, her tits now directly in my face, “See you’re just what I like, not only sexy and older, but…” she licked her lips, “Nervous and getting over someone, you need to get back in the saddle, baby.”
      “I do? “ I swallowed feeling like an idiot.
      “You do, and lucky for you? This little green eyed slut is one hell of a ride.” She pushed herself off the bar and grabbing my arm spun me on the stool so my back was to the bar.
      “See, Marcus this is going to be just what you need.” As she spoke she walked across the deserted bar towards the front door, “Know why? Because I’m not like women your age.” She reached the door and my heart skipped a beat when she flipped the switch shutting off the neon sign in the small window. Approaching the door she kept speaking, “I’m not looking for a husband or a boyfriend. I don’t care what you drive or how much money you have.”
      She reached the door and threw the bolt then made her way over towards the juke box.
      “All I care about is a good time, with a hot guy. Maybe you’ll come by and see me again after tonight, maybe you won’t.” she reached the juke box and slipped a couple of quarters into it. “Either way, I’m fine with that; I can always find guys to play with.”
      She made a selection and stepped over to the pool table.
      “You look surprised,” she laughed, “I know, I’m a girl, I’m not supposed to want to just fuck, that’s what boys do right?”
      “I wouldn’t say that.” I said softly as she beckoned to me with her finger, “Nothing wrong with a good time.”
      “Exactly!” she clapped her hands as I slid off the bar and slowly made my way over to her.

Word Count: 11,490

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