Dirty Derby Dames


[Erotica, hardcore, roller derby queens, older woman younger man, milf]

Roller derby queens need sex, too...and they're gonna get it in this hot action-packed story!!


      Two hours later they sat on the sidelines, panting and happy. They'd won the match and a hell of a match it was.
      "Bitch elbowed me in the tit," groaned Faye as she rubbed the burgeoning bruise.
      "You'll be fine, pansy," said Elaine giving the spot a playful smack.
      "Hsss-ah! That hurt, ass. Love you."
      "Ha ha ha! Love you too. So where's the after party?" Asked Elaine, peeling a malodorous pad off her knee.
      "McLaren's. Judy got us all a discount."
      "Good, good," replied Elaine, texting.
      "Who are you talking to?"
      "Just sending the info to a few people," she replied blankly. "You know who you should be talking to, right?"
      "Oh, shut up Elaine. I could damn near be his mother," griped Faye. This had to have been about the fifteenth time Elaine had brought this up.
      "C'mon Faye. He's had the hots for you for ages now plus he's gorgeous!"
      "Yes he's man-pretty, but seriously, it would never work out between the two of us," grumbled Faye, pulling off elbow guard.
      "Who said anything about a long term relationship? Im saying have some fun, drink a few beers, and ride him like you're gonna break him. You've gone too long without gettin' any."

Word Count: 4,271

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